1. J

    Is meditation music useful for your brain?

    Ja dat is zo! Meditatiemuziek heeft me geholpen mijn angst- en stressproblemen te overwinnen. Het zorgt ervoor dat ik me overdag actiever voel en het helpt me om 's nachts te slapen! Normaal gebruik ik de kanalen: Yellow Brick Cinema, Rustgevende ontspanning en een opkomend kanaal genaamd...
  2. J

    The Homing Thought

    When I was a youngster growing up in Australia, I often went surfing at the Sydney beaches. Whenever there was a big wave coming, my friends and I would dive for the sand at the bottom of the water and hold on to that sand with our fingertips. The wave would pass over, and we would come up to...
  3. kind2creatures

    Effects of Nature on the Human Mind

    Nature can definitely have positive effects on our minds and help to alleviate everyday stresses...
  4. liverock

    Magnesium- The Original Brain Chill Pill

    Nice to see a psychiatrist who believes in some treatment besides drugs.8-) ..........check out her other article on how low Zinc levels can affect neurotransmitters and cause...
  5. kind2creatures


    Here's a listing of fifteen stress busters including a few like exercise, laughter, supplements, organization and time-management...
  6. O

    Mind chatter

    I am constantly thinking like 24/7 and having discussions in my head, my brain wont stop thinking, i have used glycine suppliment which helpt me in the first week and than it looses the effect, i am wondering if anyone here have the same problem and what vitamin has used to treat that symptom
  7. kind2creatures

    Tips for Reducing Ulcers

    Top 12 Tips To Reduce Ulcers Peptic ulcers are a group of ulcerative disorders that occur in the area of the upper GI tract that are exposed to acid-pepsin secretion. There are mainly two groups: Gastric ulcers - gnawing, burning pain present, usually after taking food Duodenal ulcers - pain...
  8. kind2creatures


    Lavender benefits for mind and body... More lavender basics...
  9. kind2creatures

    Stress Effect on the Gut

    Information about why chronic stress has a negative effect on the gut, and what can be done about it...
  10. kind2creatures

    When Stress Turns Into Anxiety

    Beyond Stress...and article about dealing with stress and anxiety.
  11. kind2creatures

    Magnesium for Anxiety and Memory

    I'm currently taking 170mg of magnesium citrate, in addition to the 15mg in my daily multi. Considering the benefits to memory, etc. I'll probably start taking 2 caps, maybe every other day. Also using the magnesium oil for muscle tension. More about...
  12. S

    Breakfast for stress/anxiety

    So in the past I went through a period of a lot of panic attacks.. but have gotten over that. I still deal with OCD and various obcessive fears and such. Very rarely I get the mini adrenaline rush type feelings of a panic attack. Ive noticed the importance of breakfast. A good protein filled...
  13. Ted_Hutchinson

    Not sleeping with parents linked to baby’s stress in bath

    Not sleeping with parents linked to baby’s stress in bath
  14. kind2creatures

    Consider Health a Resource, Not a Goal

    I read a few lines in a free health magazine that I thought was worth pondering. It said that too much focus on your health can backfire. When you make health the goal rather than viewing it as a resource, it can be easy to get stressed out, rigid and narrowminded. Health is what helps you...
  15. kind2creatures

    Chamomile Uses and Benefits

    Perhaps the most well-known use for the Chamomile herb is to promote relaxation in the cases of insomnia and anxiety. Many modern day natural sleep-aids contain the herb Chamomile. It can be used in both teas and baths. Chamomile is also very effective for symptoms such as menopausal...
  16. N

    Everything Results in Higher Stress

    Hi everyone, God willing you guys can maybe direct me to some info that can help. I find that what may normally cause a stress level of say, "3", for someone else, might cause me a stress lvel of "6". For example, everytime I have some relationship issues and my significant other ignores me...
  17. jbo

    anybody drink catnip tea?

    Recently I read an article about how amazing catnip tea is supposed to be for all of us to drink for stress, anxiety, sleeping..etc Just wondering if anybody ever drinks catnip tea? The article was recommending mixing catnip with chamomile, which I do drink chamomile tea often.
  18. H

    Now you can treat anxiety symptoms yourself

    Treating and preventing the symptoms of anxiety is now very easy. you can overcome the anxiety disorder by adding healthy food in your diet menu and everyday spending 40 minutes in exercise.
  19. E

    About positive and negative stress

    Hi I am from Eastern Europe and more precisely from Bulgaria, a country which boasts great scenery, coast and cool air. Perfect destination for tourists but I'm not here to do any advertising of my country. I am a psychologist and would like to be included in the discussions that take place here...
  20. jfh

    Selenium Reduces Oxidative Stress Induced by Exercise

    Here is an interesting study, and interesting how it was conducted. Until the late 1950s, selenium was thought to be toxic. Although it can be toxic at high doses, it is now recognized as an important nutritional trace mineral. Selenium plays important roles in detoxification and...