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Judo is an sport and can be used as a defense others not a sport and are for defense. I am 75 years old and have my own dojo and teach judo free here in the Dominican Republic Judo is a game like chess you wait to see what your competitor is going to do or make a mistake to take advantage to win. My students would ask me if I have ever been in a fight and I tell them that I have never been defeated because anyone who wants to fight me could never catch me I run to fast. I have been beaten playing judo
You may or may not read this, but 2 big things jump out at me, seeing your supplement list. 1) Add Magnesium, probably the glycinate and choloride forms. 2) Add a good K2 also maybe Himalayan pink salt and 4) potassium, probably citrate form. Cheers. Okay, 5) up your good fats, krill oil, coconut oil, cod liver oil, flaxseed, up to about 35 - 45% of your intake.
I see you used to like Judo. If I had it to do all over again, I'd take Judo. Have had some Aikido (it's more like ball room dancing) and some McDoJo Taikwando, and some Krav Maga (one of the best)
Putin of Russia has many degree Black Belt in Judo. Holly Holm knocked out Judo Queen Rousey...and Holly fights tomorrow night. You watching it?
(I'm for Holly, but afraid she's getting too long in the tooth, almost 40)
There is many people who profess to know the answer to health and longevity. There are people who live longer and are healthier I would rather take the advice of the people who live longer and stay health to a person who just says so. The blue zones all around the world all live longer and are health, all meat eater with a low carbohydrate diet and high in antioxidant. I go with success