Breakfast for stress/anxiety


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Feb 8, 2010
So in the past I went through a period of a lot of panic attacks.. but have gotten over that. I still deal with OCD and various obcessive fears and such. Very rarely I get the mini adrenaline rush type feelings of a panic attack. Ive noticed the importance of breakfast. A good protein filled breakfast really helps to keep me calm through out the day..

Today I was in a rush and all I had was a peeled apple for breakfast.. I later had lunch but got in a little argument and was a bit stressed.. then like 2 hours after lunch I felt some adrenaline/stressy feelings.. For lunch I had eggs, sweet potato and avocado which is a good meal.. but I feel like starting the day with 1 peeled apple set me off on the wrong footing and left me vulnerable to higher stress later in the day.

What do you guys think? Its pretty well known that protein is important for stress/anxiety... and the importance of a good breakfast to start the day off right.

Do you think a poor/inadequate breakfast could off balance the rest of the day even if you eat a good meal for lunch?


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Nov 20, 2010
I can see that if you are hungry that you would be aggitated much easier than normal. I have a protein shake/mix everything morning, add physililum husk for the fiber, which keeps me pretty full until dinner. I swear good quality green tea relaxes me more than anything and keeps me alert, while coffee used to add to anxiety.

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Dec 19, 2011
I swear good quality green tea relaxes me more than anything and keeps me alert, while coffee used to add to anxiety.
Spot on. That's why I try to avoid coffee and drink green tea instead.
The theory that a good breakfast helps fight anxieties is indeed interesting, I should give it a try. I very often skip breakfast, which is not very healthy.


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May 22, 2009
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It sounds like you may have some issues with your adrenals as evidenced by your panic attacks and adrenaline rushes. Adrenaline is produced when your body is not making enough cortisol but it doesn't work as well as cortisol as you found out.

That might also be why you're finding breakfast so important. Adrenal fatigue can cause hypoglycemia because low cortisol means that there's not enough cortisol to counteract insulin so you have too much insulin and thus, low blood sugar. After fasting all night your blood sugar is low anyway. Do you wake up hungry?

Adrenals react badly to sugar and caffeine so avoid those like the plague. And that may be why just eating an apple for breakfast affected you badly.

Also you should eat several small meals a day so you don't get into a hypoglycemic stressed out state. Each meal should have some protein and make sure it's a healthy meal because poor food will affect the adrenals.

Don't exercise heavily, only light exercise as too much exercise stresses the adrenals.

Go to bed by 10:00 so your adrenals can repair themselves during the night. And you might find eating a little something before bed helps.

Avoid stress and anger and arguments because these are really hard on the adrenals and you will feel bad for several hours or maybe longer after being stressed.

If it's your adrenals you'll need extra sodium unless you get a lot already. Try drinking salted water throughout the day.

Standard Process makes different products for the endocrine system including one for the adrenals. They contain PMGs which are like a blueprint the body needs to rebuild the glands of the endocrine system. But you should see a Naturopath or other doctor to get care for your entire system, as it may not just be your adrenals that are not functioning properly.


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Oct 23, 2010
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Absolutely. That pure sugar/carbohydrate apple raised your blood sugar and then it went too low. A set up for disaster.

Omega 3's are needed every day because our bodies don't produce it and it helps regulate so many, many things one being mood/depression/panic attacks.

B vitamins are critical for proper mood as well. Nutritional yeast is a great source of that.

If you added Nutritional Yeast, a T. of cod liver oil or some salmon to that apple breakfast you may have had a super fantastic day.