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    Starting to Use MCT Oil Instead of Coconut Oil for Prevention of Dementia in Old Age

    I've been trying to take a spoon full of coconut oil daily for the brain benefits of the medium chain triglycerides which have been known to help, or even reverse in some cases, Alzheimer's Disease or age related cognition issues such as dementia. It's winter now by me, and using a spoon full...
  2. N

    How to Decrease Temperature by Two Degrees?

    I hear you can radically increase lifespan by two degrees, and that would be 96.6 Fahrenheit, right? I was wondering, because I was thinking; is there a way to drop your temperature into the increased-longevity range, without caloric restriction (or a bum thyroid, and just feeling grouchy...
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    Coconut Oil Reverses Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

    More here.
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    Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil Decreased Plaque and Gingivitis

    I do a little oil pulling with coconut oil, makes sense that it would help with teeth and gums.
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    Golden Milk Recipe with Turmeric and Coconut Oil

    I take both of these separately almost every day, the combination has got to be good.
  6. J

    Is this a safe combination?

    The health blogs are blowing up about the benefits of all of these ingredients. So, I've made a tea out of: 1 cup of brewed green tea 1 tablespoon each of coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, honey 1 teaspoon of cinnamon 1/2 teaspoon each of ginger & turmeric Just for due diligence sake, does...
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    Study Finds Eating Coconut Oil Daily Can Reduce Waist Size

    Well, I'm glad I'm doing something right, lol! :p
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    USDA Nutritionist Condemns Coconut Oil

    This USDA nutritionist condemns coconut oil in 2014!
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    MCT Oil vs Coconut Oil...Which is Better?

    Coconut oil, find out why...
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    MCTs in Coconut Oil Can Boost Brain Function in Just One Dose!

    MCTs in coconut oil can boost brain function in just one dose...
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    Alzheimer's Association Warns Against Coconut Oil

    Without any real reasons to...
  12. C

    Thoughts on Coconut Oil + Baking Soda Toothpaste?

    I have been searching for an alternative to commercial toothpaste and oral hygiene products. I read a post that suggested a great alternative was by mixing coconut oil and baking soda. Unfortunatly the article was a little vague regarding the quantities I am curious to...
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    How To Add Coconut Oil to Hot or Cold Drinks

    Here's some tips on adding coconut oil to your hot and cold drinks, a couple of recipes too!
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    Get Off Your Thyroid Meds!

    ...and start consuming coconut oil.
  15. kind2creatures

    Importance of Coconut Oil in Pet's Diet

    I use coconut oil myself, both internally and topically for its many benefits, and it's also good for your pets. It helps with digestion, allergies, itching, sores, etc.
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    Parkinson's Disease Sufferers Find Relief With Coconut Oil

    Learn the ways in which those suffering with Parkinson's Disease are finding relief by using coconut oil...
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    Coconut Oil Myths

    An article which addresses some of the myths surrounding coconut oil...
  18. B

    Bad Coconut Oil article

    This article is good up until the dietitian sizes coconut oil up with vegetable, canola and soybean oil. The is the kind of mess that will keep people sick. these oils are highly inflammatory. Coconut oil has more saturated fat, so the dietitians can't recommend under the giudelines of major...
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    STUDY: Antioxidants in Virgin Coconut Oil Inhibits Arthritis Inflammation

    Study shows that the antioxidants in Virgin Coconut Oil inhibits the inflammation associated with arthritis...
  20. kind2creatures

    Coconut Oil Protects Your Liver

    Read the study that shows virgin coconut oil can protect your liver against toxic antibiotic drugs...