coconut oil

  1. kind2creatures

    Apples for Memory/Alzheimer's Disease

    Article about the benefits of apples and apple juice for memory and Alzheimer's, among other things. Also mentions the use of coconut oil for A.D. More about Alzheimer's...
  2. sportsdoc

    New research on Caffeine and Alzheimer dz

    I found this very interesting since this horrible disease has hit so close to home twice already. Let me know what you think?
  3. Arrowwind09

    Type 3 Diabetes

    this is a link to an MP3 download about Type Three Diabetes aka as Alzheimers. It is highly informative and I recommend that everyone listen to this program. Fife teaches what is the cause of Alzheimers and why coconut oil can reverse it. He also gives the historical perspective thought the...
  4. kind2creatures

    Benefits of Coconuts

    Benefits of coconuts and coconut oil...
  5. kind2creatures

    Castor & Coconut Oil for Skin Moisturizing Treatment

    I mixed a small amount of Castor Oil with Extra Virgin Coconut Oil last night to use as a moisturizing facial. I massaged the mixture onto all areas of my face, which is normal to dry. After waiting around 20 minutes, I soaked a washcloth in fairly hot filtered water, squeezed out the excess and...
  6. H

    toxoplasma gondii and candida

    i went for a live blood analysis and i was told and shown toxoplasma gondii and candida in my blood. i have prostatits and pain in the urethra, testicals and rectum. i am doing way better now that i have been fighting with probiotics and the candida diet with mms, lugols, fivelac, syntol, all...
  7. C

    Fungus under breasts

    Doc told me I have a mild fungus (looks like blotchy heat rash) under there and gave me a prescrip for something but I decided I wanted to try au natural first.. So I had a look at some tea tree & peppermint oil spray, which I've just used now... It burns!! Please correct me if this is not a...
  8. kind2creatures

    5 Ways to Increase Mental Acuity, End Depression, Prevent Alzheimer's

    Five easy ways to increase mental acuity, end depression, and prevent or reverse Alzheimer's by Paul Fassa (NaturalNews) Ignore mainstream medicine's "remedies" for mental problems. There are several safer and less expensive alternatives for mild or acute levels of dementia. Mild levels of...
  9. kind2creatures

    Chlorella and Hot Water

    Does it have any negative effects on Chlorella to mix it in hot water? I've started substituting my extra 1/2 cup of coffee in the mornings with a cup of hot water mixed with lemon juice and raw blackberry honey. Yesterday I threw some chlorella in there, and today I added some extra virgin...
  10. K

    Parkinson's disease

    Research shows that berry compounds lower the risk of Parkinson's disease
  11. jbo

    Garlic for natural Antibiotic?

    My mother-in-law when is sick makes a tea that she makes herself out of ginger and garlic. The ginger I've read helps with upset stomach and nausea, which I'm guessing it's why she puts it in her tea. Well I keep reading more and more about ginger being a natural antibiotic, so I was...
  12. E

    Free Coconut Oil Recipes!

    Hey All - try - tropical traditions website - any coconut oil will do. Some great looking recipes there. - a new pumpkin muffin one.- looks delicious. 8-)
  13. K

    Coconut oil

    A mother's milk is considered the most perfect food on the planet for human consumption due to its ideal nutritional and immune boosting compounds. The closest match in nature to mother's milk is found within the coconut...
  14. saved1986

    Natmedtalk site is ahead of the game (coconut oil)

    Great article on coconut oil
  15. L

    Deodorant - What Do You Use?

    I didn't even know people are turning to healthier alternatives till I saw this: So what are all the natural folks using? Crystals? Are they like giant salt crystals? So, you still sweat, but the salt kills the bacteria? Is that the general idea...
  16. L

    Can You Fry With Coconut Oil?

    With Expeller (pressed) coconut oil? I plan on buying spectrum cocnut oil...they sell it here at randalls, krogers and HEB.... I don't think they sell the virgin unrefined spectrum coconut oil.... anyway, I guess you scoop it out like butter....can you...
  17. Arrowwind09

    Coconut Oil Helps Alzheimer's

    After two weeks of taking coconut oil, Steve Newport's results in an early onset Alzheimer's test gradually improved says his wife, Dr. Mary Newport. Before treatment, Steve could barely remember how to draw a clock. Two weeks after adding coconut oil to his diet, his drawing improved. After 37...
  18. saved1986

    Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

    Just hit the mustard seed health food store in Fairlawn OH this morning (Think Whole foods, but a little cheaper and better selections and less snobs). I picked up a container of extra virgin coconut oil. (Is this similar to extra virgin palm oil, or are the two completely different.)
  19. M

    Using coconut oil for Alzheimer's

    A few days ago I got the latest newsletter from Dr. Whitaker. It tells of a 59 yr. old accountant who began having problems at work: disorganized, error prone, depressed. He was eventually diagnosed with Alzheimer's and it rapidly progressed. His wife is an MD and she learned of a clinical...