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    Any truly organic condoms? Birth control?

    So I've been single for a while but gearing up for a new relationship. My last girlfriend was on birth control so I didn't wear a condom for years.. needless to say I'm not looking forward to using one again.. but more importantly I'm finding it hard to find condoms that don't contain toxic...
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    Whats the point exercising?

    Whats the point exercising? I know most of you will be like.. what do you mean!! but - let me explain; For me personally - I have a thin body type.. I have a fast metabolism. Ive never had any surplus fat on my body my whole life. I weight like 120-125.. and have done for most of my life. Im...
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    Bite change or jaw muscle change?

    So I posted on here like 10 months ago.. one day I bit down on some food in a weird way, my jaw jutted out to the side and I felt some pain.. The next day/two my jaw was pretty tense.. Went to some craniosacral therapists who did some work on my jaw muscles etc. Anyway, ever since then my...
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    Dentist cut me!

    So I went to get my teeth cleaned today.. It was a new dental hygienist.. she was being overly rough in my opinion.. really digging around the gums/teeth. I squirmed a bit.. ive never had a cleaning like that.. AND she cut my gums in the back behind my wisdom tooth. Its still sore 4 days...
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    Breakfast for stress/anxiety

    So in the past I went through a period of a lot of panic attacks.. but have gotten over that. I still deal with OCD and various obcessive fears and such. Very rarely I get the mini adrenaline rush type feelings of a panic attack. Ive noticed the importance of breakfast. A good protein filled...
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    Are there any real health conscious dentists?

    So im on a search to find the best health focused dentist in Los Angeles. Ive gone to a typical western dentist my whole life but ive got an issue with my back molars and some minor gum inflammation I want to get dealt with now before it becomes a problem. I know there are 'holistic' dentists...
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    Ask employee not to wear cologne?

    Hey guys, I run a small internet company / office.. with one employee.. He's started wearing cologne to work.. personally I hate the smell of such products and know they contain estrogenic compounds etc. Obviously spraying them on your skin could cause issues but could just smelling them...
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    Constipation Tip!

    So - I dont have any problems with constipation, I go every day.. But for those of you that do - one thing ive noticed is, when I sit at a chair, my urge to defacate goes away normally? But when I stand more through out the day there a lot more of an urge, more often.. I have a standing desk in...
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    Puffy Urethra in the mornings??

    Hey guys, So I hade some prostatitis problems a year/two ago aswell as some pelvic floor issues.. and at one point I really irritated my urethra when it got stuck on my underwear and pulled it off.. Anyway, that irritation went away, 95% the tip of my urethra looks totally normal.. but...
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    Is sneezing a sign of food allergy?

    So I sneeze a bit these days but I dont know if its from food or allergens in the air. Lets say I eat a piece of cheese and sneeze 20 minutes later, does that possibly mean my bodies having a mild allergy to the cheese?
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    Traveling to India (food/water safety)

    So I am probably going to India for 2 weeks in october.. ive wanted to go there my whole life so im excited.. BUT.. im also concerned about food/water safety.. as you here many stories and a few friends of mine got sick while there.. also ive watched shows on TV about parasites and such which...
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    Best desk setup (ergonomics) Standing vs Sitting

    Hey guys - So I have a little office for my internet business.. I'm on the computer for many hours every day.. for years I sat with terrible posture, slumping over crappy office chairs, ended up with some mild back problems.. Ive learned the importance of ergonomics! My search for the...
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    Could I get tetanus?

    So I just cut my foot on a hammer sitting on the floor. It bled a bit but its fine now, it was just a small cut.. I cleaned it out with water but I dont have any hydrogen peroxide and I dont really want to use neosporin if I dont have to. Could I get tetanus from this? The hammer was not...
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    Vega Shakes = bad news

    So.. in my quest for ultimate health I found those Vega shakes at whole foods... Vega Whole Food Optomizer.. Looked really good, heard some good things about it and looked on there website it looked good.. So I started having it every morning.. for a few months.. I started having terrible gas...
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    Toxins in new apartments?

    So im looking to move.. been looking at some apartments.. They always boast; New paint! New Carpet! New Flooring! But all of those things = off gassing toxic, cancer causing chemicals into the air So im stuck between a rock and a hard place.. I want to move, and ive found a place thats nice...