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Traveling to India (food/water safety)


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Feb 8, 2010
So I am probably going to India for 2 weeks in october.. ive wanted to go there my whole life so im excited..

BUT.. im also concerned about food/water safety.. as you here many stories and a few friends of mine got sick while there.. also ive watched shows on TV about parasites and such which is seared into my psyche.. hah

Im going with my dad.. we will be staying at nice hotels and the plan is to avoid any street food (obv) and stay away from most meat and eat at only established nice places.. ofcourse this only minimizes risk as veggies can be contaminated and most contamination comes from food handling anyway.. you can get parasties from lettuce etc.. if anything cooked meat might be the safest bet right? as long as its cooked properly..

then with water.. once again, not buying water anywhere on the street and drinking only bottled water.. but personally I hate plastic.. I never drink out of plastic bottles, I dont want to be ingesting BPA or other plastic chemicals for 2 weeks.. but what choice do I have? Do I really have to be ingesting BPA for 2 straight weeks?

Any advice guys?


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Oct 16, 2007
Take lugols iodine an put several drops in your glass of water. Let it stand for 20 minutes.. this will kill anything that may be in there. You can also use sodium chlorite (MMS) a few drops into the water also. Remember that this is used in many water facilitites to purify water for communities.

and you can always boil water first.

Personally I would not eat anything in Inida that is not well cooked... meat or veggies.


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Aug 8, 2009
Moxsum, that is the last place you should go. As a rule everyone gets sick at least once and I hear the poverty is beyond the worst I have ever seen in my life (and el salvador is pretty bad). Take iodine tablets or solution and get a script for a drug called Flagyl.

On the other hand, I hear the food there is absolutly fantastic. Also (no joking) look up McDonalds india on the web. they get better stuff then we do here. The McAloo Tikkii Burgur (potato pattie) looks great. Have fun.