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Are there any real health conscious dentists?


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Feb 8, 2010
So im on a search to find the best health focused dentist in Los Angeles. Ive gone to a typical western dentist my whole life but ive got an issue with my back molars and some minor gum inflammation I want to get dealt with now before it becomes a problem.

I know there are 'holistic' dentists who use 'bio-compatible' materials, mercury free dentistry etc.. but.. what about the stuff they use to clean your teeth? You know the pastes/various things they use, I want a dentist who uses herbal pasts and stuff.. dunno if dentists like that even exist? Seems like the best you can find is a dentist whos not totally unconscious to mercury and such.

What about a naturopathic dentist who uses herbs/ointments to heal gums / teeth etc.

Ive got this tiny space between my wisdom tooth and the molar infront of it.. I need to consult with a trusted dentist/orthodontist to see what the options are.. ofcourse pulling the widom tooth is one option, but I would rather keep it and just close the tiny space between the two teeth.. so some kind of brace to pull them together or alternatively a filling type material to close the space.. All these options present potential health issues though.. from leaching/off gassing from filling type materials, to having metal/plastic in the mouth all day everyday for months on end, to having teeth pulled and risking messing up meridian connections with other parts of the body..

There really needs to be more emphasis on natural dentistry. There should be more options for healing naturally and moving teeth around naturally..