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  1. jbo

    A headache that keeps on lasting

    Monday of last week I went to the gym to lift weights and I got the worse headache of my life. It took me to my knees in which I experienced a headache that I've never experienced before. I put down the weights and could barely make it home. I'm not sure if it was a migraine, because I really...
  2. jbo

    foot and elbow pain

    I hurt myself in the gym lifting weights a few weeks ago. It was something I was doing that was really stupid, so my foot is in pain and I'm not able to do many exercises. A friend of mine who is a physical therapist says I have plantar fasciitis, which seems to make sense as I'm in pain in the...
  3. jbo

    What supplements can be warmed up?

    I figured this was the correct place to post, because I'm talking about my child. They recommend Vitamin D for infants and we supplment my son with Vitamin D drops, but we put it in his breast milk bottle we give him once a day. My question is that the person who feeds him heats up the...
  4. jbo

    What age to start resistance exercise?

    When I was a kid I would always hear that lifting weights would stunt your growth, which I believe to be a myth as even the American Academy of Pediatric states "Strength training programs do not seem to adversely affect linear growth and do not seem to have any long-term detrimental effect on...
  5. jbo

    Long term creatine use?

    I've been using creatine on and off for years and I'm just wondering if there's any negative use of creatine? I typically take it for 2 months, then I'm off for a month or two before cycling on it again. I'd just prefer not to take it if I knew for sure that it can cause issues. Only thing...
  6. jbo

    Polymyalgia myalgia

    My mother was just told she has Polymalgia myalgia , which I don't know much about. She's in extreme pain and is on pain medicine for her pain and is crying on the phone with me all the time. Really not sure if anybody knows anything about it or any natural recommendations...
  7. jbo

    making kefir

    I tried kefir a few months ago and I really liked the taste of it. I just wasn't impressed with the cost, so I've been putting greek yogurt in my shakes in the morning. Somebody was telling me how much easier kefir is to make than yogurt and how much better it's supposed to be, so I was...
  8. jbo

    Kefir versus Greek Yogurt

    I keep seeing some foods that have probiotics pop up on lists of foods you should eat daily. Kimchi and sauerkraut are always on the list, which I do eat kimchi once a week, but found out that the process of making it requires them to both be high in sodium. I still love eating kimchi once a...
  9. jbo

    newborn breastfeeding and herbal tea

    We just had our first child about a month ago, so I haven't been on the board that much as he's a little bit time consuming and I have less free time. The question I have is my wife has been drinking one cup of rooibos tea every night lately and was wondering if there's anything wrong with...
  10. jbo

    8 weird tips to help with sleep

    I saw this in an article a week or so ago and the curling and uncurling the toes I thought was non-sense, well I tried it a few nights in a row and it worked for me. It just relaxed me more than I ever would have though. The other 7 things I was already doing...
  11. jbo

    Do raw oats absorb as well as cooked oats?

    I saw this posted recently as one of the best breakfast you can eat: Which basically doesn't cook or eat the oats, which I was wondering if the beneifts are the same for raw oats compared to cooked oats? I typically make a breakfast every...
  12. jbo

    flax, chia or hemp seeds?

    I started putting in flax seeds every morning in my shake as I saw it listed on a few sites as things you should eat every day. Then I read things about estrogen and how it might be better to go with chia seeds instead if your a male. So I've been putting in some chia seeds in a shake I make...
  13. jbo

    Tea safe from which country?

    I've been drinking green tea from Japan, but after seeing a post here about radiation, it's made me second think drinking green tea from Japan. On weekends I tend to change it up a little bit and drink oolong and most of the oolong tea I've seen comes from China. I honestly don't trust...
  14. jbo

    cooking with turmeric

    I keep reading that to get the benefits of turmeric, you need to cook with a fat and black pepper for absorption. My question is does it have to be black pepper? I've been making rice with turmeric and red pepper, because I love the taste. I'm also cooking rice with turmeric and then...
  15. jbo

    hepatitis B shot for an infant

    We are pretty much against the hepatitis B shot for our infant who we are expecting in a few weeks. My question is that we are probably going to refuse it at the hospital, but in my city it appears that day care and schools will require it. I have more of an issue giving the shot when his...
  16. jbo

    white, black, brown, Red Rice and Turmeric

    Has anybody try Red rice before? Seems like there are a lot of health benefits to it, but not sure if it's any good? I was eating brown rice, but switched over to black rice recently. I'm starting to think I should probably make a mix of black and brown rice, because the black rice I'm...
  17. jbo

    Green tea and hibiscus-based drinks pack antioxidant punch

    I drink green tea everyday and cold hibisus tea mixed with rooibos everynight. I might start mixing my teas now at least on the weekends
  18. jbo

    Tdap vaccine while pregnant

    My wife is on her third trimester and she had a doctor's appointment today and her OBGYN as insisting that both my pregnant wife and I get the tdap vaccination for protect against the whooping cough. He said it's very safe like a flu shot, but we decided against the flue shot during flu...
  19. jbo

    hemp or pea

    I make a protein shake every morning that includes: berries banana psyllium husk organic cocoa powder chia seeds Greek yogurt pure whey protein on powder sounds like a lot but its all small portions. The protein powder I'm using nothing is added, its just whey protein, but I'm starting to...
  20. jbo

    popcorn has more antioxidants than a lot of fruits and veggies

    I've seen popcorn on lists of top 10 stress relieving foods and now recently that it's loaded in antioxidants