flax, chia or hemp seeds?


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Nov 20, 2010
I started putting in flax seeds every morning in my shake as I saw it listed on a few sites as things you should eat every day. Then I read things about estrogen and how it might be better to go with chia seeds instead if your a male. So I've been putting in some chia seeds in a shake I make every morning. Well today I found out the place I order from stopped selling chia seeds and recommended hemp seeds instead. Didn't even think hemp seeds were as healthy as I didn't know much about hemp seeds.

Well here's the main question I have, I was originally going with whey protein in the shake with psyllium husk, but moved on to hemp protein powder. I'm wondering if there is much benefit from taking hemp protein powder with the hemp seeds or is it really needed? Should I just stop putting the seeds in my shake and stick with the protein powder by itself?

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Frater Aegagrus
Aug 7, 2012
Seattle, WA
According to Dr Sears, "Supplementing with flax seed oil is like throwing a wet blanket over your metabolism."

Flax Seed

I mentioned the seed and its oil a few times, and, after being initially supportive of flax consumption, I now recommend minimizing intake. People generally use flax oil as an Omega-3 supplement, rather than for cooking – and this is a good choice, seeing as how flax is almost entirely made of PUFAs, which are prone to rancidity and oxidation when exposed to heat. Meat eaters, though, would be better off just taking fish oil. The DHA and EPA in fish oil are far more useful than the ALA in flax seed oil. Strict vegetarians, have at it – just don’t use flax seed oil to sautee your tofu.
19% MUFA
24% Omega-6 PUFA
47% Omega-3 PUFA (from ALA)
8-9% SFA