1. G

    low testosterone/ erectile dysfunction at 18

    I am 18 and started having erection problems and low libido at age 15. Before age 15 my libido was insanely high and all I could think about was sex. Now i don't even have the urge to masturbate. I've taken many antibiotics for acne and ringworm which i think could have caused this. I have...
  2. A

    Natural healthy sleep aid for unusual circumstances

    I've been taking a 5mg dose of melatonin for the past couple months to help me fall asleep and stay asleep. i work nights 3 days of the week and wake up around 7 the other of the days. Therefore i need a solution for a non drowsy fast acting sleep aid. Things like benadryl and Zzzquil seem...
  3. F

    Help, Husband had mystery GI Illness...

    It's been 3 months now since my husband developed a illness which no doctors have been able to help us with. One night he became ill with diarrhea and vomiting and since that night, he has had loose stools, chronic insomnia (getting 3 hours of sleep on a good night), headaches, chest pain...
  4. kind2creatures

    Hidden Causes of Weight Gain

    Some hidden causes of weight gain such as allergies, stress, thyroid, depression, insomnia, etc...
  5. R

    Anxiety: supplements, coping, help, cure

    Since a teenager I have had rather terrible anxiety: racing thoughts, gastro problems every day, OCD issues, touchy temper, etc. According to blood, urine, and saliva tests done about a year ago, I have low serotonin and very high cortisol levels and I need to bring them back to normal. I've...
  6. J

    WHEN to take magnolia for sleep

    Dr. Oz did a segment on using magnolia extract for sleep by reducing anxiety. He recommended 30 mg for six weeks. I ordered some and want to start taking it, but don't know about the timing. It says take it between meals for rapid effect, or with meals for prolonged effect, BUT I can't find...
  7. J

    24 year old with anxiety disorder

    My son is 24 years old and has had an anxiety disorder for the last couple of years. I've always felt it has come about because of the computer war games he used to play a lot of the time. He feels that has no relevance to his issue. He is a very heavy sleeper and sleeps all night but always...
  8. jbo

    8 weird tips to help with sleep

    I saw this in an article a week or so ago and the curling and uncurling the toes I thought was non-sense, well I tried it a few nights in a row and it worked for me. It just relaxed me more than I ever would have though. The other 7 things I was already doing...
  9. J

    Too much Vitamin B12 maybe?

    I've had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for such a long time but it was only diagnosed two and a half years ago. From that point on I've taken Vitamin B12 and it has been a God-send to me. I started off by having shots and after a few months I was swapped over to sub-linguals. It has made an...
  10. kind2creatures


    Lavender benefits for mind and body... More lavender basics...
  11. M

    solaray sleep blend sp-17?

    is this product safe to take every night for the rest of my life? i don't take it yet but just asking. need something for sleep and saw this posted on several different posts. thanks.
  12. M

    Bad Insomnia

    Hello all! I am new to forum! I am 29 years old and a housewife right now. Looking for a job! But that is it for that..ha. Anyways, I have bad insomnia! I had it when i was a teen and still have it. I went to the doctor a couple of years ago and they prescribed me Lunesta and it worked awesome...
  13. kind2creatures


    Great article on the benefits of cherries, including as a sleep aid.
  14. kind2creatures

    Chamomile for Anxiety, Depression and Insomnia

    Benefits of Chamomile for anxiety, depression and insomnia... More about Chamomile More on Insomnia
  15. kind2creatures

    Healing with Honey

    Some benefits of honey and buying tips... More about Honey:
  16. kind2creatures

    Infant Formulas Loaded with Corn syrup and Sugar

    Information about some unhealthy ingredients in store bought infant formulas...
  17. M

    Chronic Insomnia

    I'm losing it! For the past 6 months I've had insomnia. I use to sleep like a rock! I can't get a grasp on what it causing this or how to help it. Yesterday I took 600 mg. of magnesium citrate throughout the day then 6 mg. of melatonin before bed (and serrapeptase for venous health)...
  18. P

    Sleep problems

    Hi all, I am a 58 year old, healthy male who has been having a problem for quite some time sleeping through the night. I know one problem is that I have a bad disc in my lower back and in combination with a mattress which I feel is too firm could probably be the answer but all in all I still...
  19. kind2creatures

    Vitamin B12 for Energy, Mood and More

    Benefits of vitamin B12 for fatigue, depression and more... More about vitamin B12...
  20. jbo

    anybody drink catnip tea?

    Recently I read an article about how amazing catnip tea is supposed to be for all of us to drink for stress, anxiety, sleeping..etc Just wondering if anybody ever drinks catnip tea? The article was recommending mixing catnip with chamomile, which I do drink chamomile tea often.