1. A

    Kidney trouble - which kidney?

    Six years ago I started having trouble with my right kidney. The acupunturist told me this was ‘kidney yang deficiency’. Whereas pain in your left kidney, means you have ‘kidney yin deficiency”. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the diet you should follow for those two types is very...
  2. F

    Treating a Kidney Infection

    I have a friend who has been a heavy drinker and drug abuser for 20+ years. He has been off all drugs and alcohol excluding cigarettes and tobacco for seven weeks now. Tuesday night, he told us that he was hurting badly and when we looked into it, we are thinking that it is a kidney infection...
  3. kind2creatures

    Slight Ache - Kidneys?

    I've been noticing a slight ache in my back for the last week or so, nothing bad or constant. First I assumed it was a muscle strain, but really haven't done anything out of the ordinary. I remember Saved1986 mentioning parsley for kidneys (and carrot juice). Well, I already had some organic...
  4. P

    Depressed, anxious, mourning a death, and having stomach and kidney issues.

    On 11/11/12 I lost the person that is so special to me. She was my grandma, she wasn't technically my grandma, my mom was friends with her son and even though we weren't related by blood she voluntarily babysat me and raised me alongside her own grandkids who were around my age ever since I was...
  5. kind2creatures

    Urine Trouble

    Some insight regarding our urination habits, and the problems they may cause...,-Kidney-Stones-and-Bladder-Infections&id=809080
  6. kind2creatures

    Aspirin for Heart Health?...Think Again

    Some options for heart health besides aspirin... More about Hawthorn......
  7. R

    Kidney Stone

    Is there any way to safely get rid of a 12 MM stone in the kidney? Or would it be best to get it blasted? Can this cause any of the discomofort I have had in regards to constant urination when I take a sip of water, constipation, cramping, tiredness, etc...
  8. R

    Nervousness - BAD

    Lately I have been very nervous, feeling like I am gonna have a heart attack or something. I shake a bit, twitch, constantly moving around. Just an overall sense of nervousness, shakiness. I have even been twitching a bit while sleeping. Anyone have any suggestions? Suppliments to try? Would...
  9. liverock

    Dialysis Patients Receiving Too Much Radiation
  10. X

    Pleaseee Help :( (kidney infection pain)

    I was hospitalized two nights ago for a kidney infection. I am currently taking Cipro 500mg twice a day and I'm prescribed Percocet for pain. I have not been able to take to Percocet due to nausea that occurs regardless if I take it or not, but worsens immensely if I do take it. I need something...
  11. kind2creatures

    Activated Charcoal Fights Heart Disease in Kidney Patients

    ...from NaturalNews
  12. saved1986


    My dad had a blood and urine collect test last week for today's Doctor's appt. His kidney function improved 16 percent (on a 100 point base). I told the doc I was giving him Coenzyme Q (90-180 mg a day), high dose fish oil and turmeric. He looked at me and said whatever you are doing keep...
  13. saved1986


    My father has declining kidney function (high creatine). Is there anything that reverses this? (I have read ginger root workks a little)
  14. H

    kidney detox

    anyone have a good result doing a kidney detox ? i need to flush out my kidneys, i know spring water for a few days helps, but what about any others i can do? i had a kidney stone, its come out now, but i dont fancy creating any more.