Kidney trouble - which kidney?


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Nov 9, 2018
Six years ago I started having trouble with my right kidney. The acupunturist told me this was ‘kidney yang deficiency’. Whereas pain in your left kidney, means you have ‘kidney yin deficiency”.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the diet you should follow for those two types is very different. If you have yang deficiency you must try eat heating, yang foods: hot soups, stews, meat, garlic/onions, pumpkin, leeks, turnips, parsnips.
If you have pain in your left kidney and are therefore yin deficient, do the opposite: eat cooling food like fruits, salads, citrus, spinach, cheese, beetroot, bean sprouts, sweetcorn, ferments.

I have followed this instruction more or less faithfully over the years and found that it worked. If I had beetroot or spinach, my kidney hurt again. If I stuck to yang or neutral food, it didn’t. I have never had any medication or treatment for this.
Funnily, my neighbour has the opposite: his left kidney bothers him. He instinctively seems to go for yin food: beetroot, cheese etc. If I get given anything like that, I pass it on to him and he is very happy.
The strange thing is that noone else seems to know this. Has anyone here got experience with left or right kidney problems?