1. kind2creatures

    Bone Broth for Gut Dysfunction

    Learn about bone broth and its benefits...
  2. kind2creatures

    Stress Effect on the Gut

    Information about why chronic stress has a negative effect on the gut, and what can be done about it...
  3. kind2creatures

    Iron Supplements Cause More Harm Than Good

    Some things to consider before taking iron supplements...
  4. jfh

    Gut bacteria linked to behavior

    Here is a very good reason to keep your beneficial bacteria healthy and thriving.
  5. cyber-junkie

    Get the Gut right?

    Hi How do you get the gut right? I am a 50 yr. old, moderate health problems but from the time I was in my teens have had a swollen looking belly, I have had lot's of antibiotics over lot's of years, (for every little sneeze) and have just begun taking some digestive enzymes (digest gold) a...
  6. M

    getting rid of staphlycoccous areaus

    This seems to be the gram negative microbe that is high when there's tooth decay and other health issues. I believe I have an imbalance in my gut flora and this may be one problem. Ted Hutchison gave a link to an article and here's an interesting part: They hypothesized that bacterial...
  7. G

    What to Eat?

    Ever since I have been studying this nutrition/health connection, I have been finding so many conflicting bits of "knowledge" regarding what to eat. Some say whole grains are very good. Some say stay away from ALL grains. (Boy is that ever hard to do) Some say eggs are good Some say eggs are...
  8. saved1986

    Partial Success (gut, probiotics)

    Friend of mine has been having some gut issues and the doc did a blood test which came out fine and told him to eat yogurt. He replied "I do eat yogurt",. I turned him on to and told him to get a package of ohiras probiotics. He took them for a couple weeks and said he is not...