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    Hernia problems...........

    Is there any natural way of reducing a hernia...or is it all about having surgery. Hubby is having a problem with one that is growing larger and if surgery is the only answer we will have to go down that road....just wondered if there was some way of shrinking them.
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    Trampoline exercise

    I was going to buy a trampoline with a handle to do a regular 3 minutes a day to improve my circulation. I came across loads of sites saying these machines had to be recalled because of accidents where the handle broke or the springs gave way. They take up to 16 stones in weight, so they aren't...
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    Frozen shoulder cure?

    I have dramatic pain in my shoulder and underarm....tricky putting my hand behind me and it has been going on for a few weeks now, so I need to know what would get rid of it!! Any ideas? I don't want to take pain killers............any natural things or treatment recommended??
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    How would you feel about compulsory vaccintation re swine flu worldwide?
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    Serrapeptase........Has anyone got any experience of this. A friend of mine is recommending it enthusiastically and the research I have done seems to say that it is amazing for getting rid of non living rubbish in our system, and for clearing out blood clots. Everywhere I have looked seems to be...
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    Hubby has a hernia that is growing and surgery is not there anything that will reduce the hernia??? It is causing him great discomfort and he is thoroughly miserable.............anything he can take???
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    Suicide track!!!

    Do you realise that almost everything we use on our largest organ (skin) is causing us illnesses like cancer??? Try to find any soap product that doesn't contain sodium laureate is carcinogenic.....use soap nuts, they last for ages and put no carcinogens in your fabrics or skin...
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    Kidney stones

    Has anyone had experience of dissolving kidney stones....or gall stones??? I know there are remedies involving olive oil and grapefruit juice on a doctors site on line, but I would be interested in personal results.
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    Vitamin strengths are important.

    So many people give up taking vitamins because they feel that they don't work.....when asked what strength they take, there is probably more nourishment in the cardboard box they are bought in!!! Bearing in mind we cannot get optimum doses from vegetables and fruit these days.....there are...
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    Skin Flaps.

    Does anyone know a guaranteed way to get rid of skin flaps....what causes them? I have done some research, but nothing definite.....apart from cutting them off!! I have a few on my neck and I would love to get rid of them. Help!!!
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    Hi from Jualsy web site will tell you about me. Lovely Forum....glad to be here.
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    There IS a cure for Epilepsy.

    Epsom Salts!! After a lot of research I came across this recommendation years ago...... half a teaspoon of Epsom Salts in a little orange juice every morning...........epileptic fits GONE!!! I recommended it to a friend who had grand mal fits EVERY day........from the first dose she didn't fit...
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    B17... laetrile...a proven cure for cancer.

    Research over the years and seeing the results people have had with B17 have proved beyond doubt that it cures cancer. Apparently it has been known about for 35 years!! Laetrile is actually cyannide which only explodes within contact of cancer cells....otherwise it flushes out of the system...