1. botanicalg420

    Vitamin D for Teeth

    I use Vitamiin D and have had no cavities sense taking it. It seems to work for me!
  2. M

    vitamins and minerals can improve your health

    i strongly believe that vitamins and minerals can improve your health this is why i am trying to promote my video
  3. J

    A Note on the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA)

    In the world of Nature there is no RDA. What is it then? It is just an artificial system devised by technological man to reassure us after he has defiled and destroyed the nutritional qualities of the products of Nature. The RDA exists not for the good of mankind but for the food refiners to...
  4. A

    Vitamize your body

    Vitamizing is very imortant for a healthy lifestyle. Our body is always in constant need of vitamins.Vitamins and minerals boost the immune system, contribute to the normal growth and development of the body and help cells and organs to be healthy.
  5. H

    What vitamins should seniors take more of during the winter?

    Last winter me and my wife did pretty good as far as not being sick in the cold and flu season. We took vitamin d, vitamin c and a b vitamin every day, besides a multi vitamin and fish oil. Should we take more of anything else in the winter months to keep from getting colds? We also try to eat...
  6. kind2creatures

    The Problem With Taking Too Many Vitamins

    Article about vitamins...
  7. M

    Vitamins and or supplements to boost metabolism

    Hi I am a 50 year old woman who had a total hysterectomy 2 years ago and the pounds have creeped on and I am obese. I had tried watching what I eat and exercise an hour a day - 30 mins on stationary bike and 30 mins walking about 3 miles however the weight is not coming off. Are there any...
  8. kind2creatures

    Latest Bill To Take Away Supplements

    The Senator’s latest bill—S.1425—may take away your vitamins forever. September 2013 Dick Durbin is back. And as usual, he is hell-bent on revoking your health freedom. Durbin’s latest attack may be his most destructive yet. If you want to keep supplements available and affordable...
  9. B

    Effects of only taking Half-dose of daily multivitamin?

    Hello friends, This is my first post in the forum, and I would like to thank you for reading and for your help. When it comes to daily multivitamins, for me, the issue is quite simple: I don't want to take unnecessary risks. I believe (based on studies) that megadose multivitamins (those that...
  10. S

    Really need some guidance... lots of supplements!

    Hi everyone! :wave: I have been enjoying reading your posts for a few weeks now, and I finally made the time to compose this. I take a LOT of supplements, and although I feel that I have good basic knowledge about each one that I take, I would love to have some help in terms of combining...
  11. kind2creatures

    Vitamin Bashing or Bad Science?

    Article about supplements...
  12. kind2creatures

    Hyped Up and Overpriced Focus Supplements

    Unless I'm missing something, there's a LOT of overpriced, and over-hyped brand named supplements out there, that are basically expensive rip-offs for the unsuspecting consumer. I just came from Costco, and there was a "focus" memory supplement sample, which I took home. Well, there was one...
  13. B

    Vitamins for 3 Year Old

    I would like to get some vitamins/supplements for my son as he is a very picky eater and I want to be sure he is getting all he needs. I have tried various health smoothies, which he tells me are "yucky garbage" no matter what I put in them. I try hiding healthy foods in his meals as well as...
  14. kind2creatures

    Fat Soluble Vitamins

    Some information about the fat soluble Vitamins D, Vitamin E, Vitamin A and Vitamin K...
  15. L

    Do they have a "all" everything

    I reach in the cupboard and get 12 bottles of vitamins and some people reach in the cupboard and get 20 bottles of herbs. Then when I take my 12+ pills I get an upset stomach. People say to take this and that and if I took all that was recommended I would not have room for meals. I feel you need...
  16. kind2creatures

    Vitamin Safety vs Prescription Meds

    Vitamin safety vs prescription meds...
  17. M

    Intravenous vitamins

    Has anyone used/given intravenous vitamins? I'm wondering how much they cost and if they are worth it. I hear wonderful things about intravenous glutathione, vit. C, and B12.
  18. U

    Online vitamin shops

    I notice a lot of people here buy from iherb. Why do you like it? I've used Total Health because they have a huge selection and great prices but their service is poor so I'm looking for another main shop to switch to. I use a lot of supplements and have bought a lot from Total Health over...
  19. L

    How Many Nutrients Survive In Green Powders?

    With a green powder you buy at a health food store, how many nutrients survive the drying process? Does it destroy all the nutrients? Are there any phtyonutrients that survive? Or that life energy people say is in raw fresh foods. Does any of that survive? Vitamins and minerals? I would...
  20. kind2creatures

    Vitamin Scare by News Media = Hoax

    Here's an article on the recent News Scare about multi-vitamins, also a link to Part 2 of the article.