1. kind2creatures

    Lively Cultures

    Cultured foods, probiotics, and our health...
  2. M

    Papaya enzymes

    I like this article because it talks about how the entire fruit is useful including the skin and seeds which most people throw away. I would take a guess that when we buy papaya digestive enzymes they are from the leaves. Also, the lycopene in papaya is synergistic with green tea. The...
  3. M

    What is a protease inhibitor vs. enzyme

    I'm trying to grasp if these two things are the same. Does anyone know?
  4. N

    54 yo w/ high liver enzymes and cholesterol problems

    I'm posting on behalf of my mother. Posting in general because she has liver, cholesterol and diabetes concerns, so not sure where to begin and want to look at the whole picture. Her cholesterol is high but she's not taking statins (luckily IMO) because her liver enzymes are way too high. She's...
  5. N

    Newbie in need of SERIOUS advice asap!

    I'm a natural minded healthy mom to 2 happy healthy children with a healthy husband to boot. I'm educated on things like vaccines and diet, etc. regarding my family, but I'm in need of TONS of help regarding my mom's health. Her liver enzymes are dangerously high, cholesterol is high and glucose...
  6. cyber-junkie

    Digestive enzymes

    I have been trying to help my stomach, it's been bad for years, I have had many people tell me I need to take digestive enzymes which I have begun taking, how do you know when you are taking the correct amount? do you go to heartburn or indigestion and then back off some or will that be to much?
  7. B

    Plant vs animal-based digestive enzymes

    Can taking plant-based digestive enzymes lead to fungal overgrowth, since these are made with aspergillus (and perhaps other fungi/bacteria)? Which are better: Plant-based enzymes or animal-based enzymes (like pancreatin, ox bile, etc)?
  8. L

    Where to Buy Grass Fed Bologna?

    Anyone know where you can buy grass fed bologna? I've been craving this stuff, but I don't want to buy the nasty stuff at the store with corn syrups and nitrates and CAFO beef. I'm in the houston area. Or is there a place online?
  9. E

    Digestive Enzymes?

    What's a good all around brand of Digestive Enzymes? :confused:
  10. cyber-junkie

    Get the Gut right?

    Hi How do you get the gut right? I am a 50 yr. old, moderate health problems but from the time I was in my teens have had a swollen looking belly, I have had lot's of antibiotics over lot's of years, (for every little sneeze) and have just begun taking some digestive enzymes (digest gold) a...
  11. kind2creatures

    Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

    I've only used and recommend the Bragg's brand with 'the mother', here's an article on apple cider vinegar.
  12. K

    Lyme Disease

    Hi Folks, i just joined this forum. I did a search for lymes diseae here and came up with" no matches found".... Wanting to know how those here are treating their lymes and its worked out for you...thanks...KevinJ
  13. saved1986

    Dad is sick again. No clue

    I came home from work last wed ready to take him to the gym where he has been making improvements and he was in the chair, he fell earlier and was unstable. He could barely walk and I called the orthopedic doc who said not an emergency (^$#@#%%#%). I took him to the internist thursday who said...