1. liverock

    Marching to Dementia

    The shortage of new big pharma drugs for the increasing numbers of those with Alzheimer's Disease, has not resulted in the medical profession being willing to try dietary supplements that have shown to help sufferers, says Bill Sardi.
  2. kind2creatures

    Cinnamon and Alzheimer's Disease

    We commonly know about the benefits of cinnamon for blood sugar regulation, but here's some info about it's benefits for Alzheimer's...
  3. kind2creatures

    Help Prevent Alzheimer's with Exercise and Nutrition

    Info about avoiding dementia...
  4. J

    My dog has doggie dementia and diabetes.. she is stable, but would switching homes worsen her health?

    My dog has had diabetes for over 4 years. She is regulated on insulin and has lost her sight due to cataracts.. Last week, she was diagnosed with Alzhamer's Disease last week. Her dementia is in the beginning stages, but has been getting worse over time. When she was diagnosed, I had them run a...
  5. Ted_Hutchinson

    Higher Vitamin D Dietary Intake Is Associated With Lower Risk of Alzheimer's Disease: A 7-Year Follow-up.

    Higher Vitamin D Dietary Intake Is Associated With Lower Risk of Alzheimer's Disease: A 7-Year Follow-upImportant to note that this study was done in France latitude 47 and the increased incidence of AD was in those getting less than 2000iu/d People living further North than lat 47 will require...
  6. kind2creatures

    Coffee and Caffeinated Beverages

    Interesting article about coffee and other caffeinated beverages is regard to Type 2 Diabetes, stroke, depression, Parkinson's and dementia...
  7. kind2creatures

    Turmeric for Dementia Prevention

    About the use of the spice Turmeric for the prevention of dementia, Alzheimer's and memory problems...
  8. kind2creatures

    Vitamin D and Dementia

    Informative article with links on the benefits of vitamin D for dementia (memory loss)...
  9. kind2creatures

    Improve Memory Loss with Natural Alternatives

    Some suggestions for preventing and improving memory loss...
  10. L

    Alzheimers - an alternative treatment plan?

    Hi All, Wondering if you can help.. my mum has alzheimers at the age of 60. I have spent hours trying to research the best 'alternative' methods that might help her. We have started mum on low dose of coconut oil (as per Mary Newport advice) and she seems to be responding well - more engaged...
  11. kind2creatures

    Prevent Alzheimer's With Specific Nutrients

    More information about how nutrients like Vitamin B12, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Omega 3s, can help prevent Alzheimers.
  12. J

    Does vitamin D prevent Alzheimer's?

    From Dr. Steve Kroening's "Nutrient Insider" from Advanced Bionutritionals, December 19, 2011 "You probably already know that vitamin D helps prevent many serious diseases. These include cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and even the flu. But researchers wanted to know if the amazing...
  13. kind2creatures

    Vitamin B-12, Brain Function/Shrinking, Dementia

    Already taking a daily B-50 complex, but decided to go out today and pick up some sublingual vitamin B-12 to take every couple of days or so in addition to that. I went with Solaray brand 2,000mcg. Adding the B-12 after reading this article...
  14. kind2creatures

    Diabetes Dementia Connection

    Interesting article about the connection between high blood sugar levels and dementia.
  15. kind2creatures

    Apples for Brain Health (Memory/Alzheimer's)

    We've been enjoying some tasty Braeburn apples lately. Here's some more good reasons to eat/drink these healthy fruits... More about Apple Fruit:
  16. liverock

    Reversing Brain Cell Death With New Mitochondria

    Help from Japan for Parkinsons, Dementia and Stroke.
  17. kind2creatures

    B-12 for Alzheimer's Disease

    An article about the use of vitamin B-12 for the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer's and dementia. More informaion about Alzheimer's Disease and Vitamin B12...
  18. kind2creatures

    Dementia and Alzheimer's (aluminum-related sources)

    Article reviewing the most likely sources of aluminum (toxicity) in the body, which may lead to dementia... More about Alzheimer's Disease...
  19. kind2creatures

    5 Ways to Increase Mental Acuity, End Depression, Prevent Alzheimer's

    Five easy ways to increase mental acuity, end depression, and prevent or reverse Alzheimer's by Paul Fassa (NaturalNews) Ignore mainstream medicine's "remedies" for mental problems. There are several safer and less expensive alternatives for mild or acute levels of dementia. Mild levels of...
  20. K

    Alzheimer's and omega-3

    Scientists discover omega-3s override the bad gene causing Alzheimer's