My dog has doggie dementia and diabetes.. she is stable, but would switching homes worsen her health?


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May 2, 2012
My dog has had diabetes for over 4 years. She is regulated on insulin and has lost her sight due to cataracts.. Last week, she was diagnosed with Alzhamer's Disease last week. Her dementia is in the beginning stages, but has been getting worse over time. When she was diagnosed, I had them run a full blood panel; which came back with great results (the vet said she had never seen such clean bloodwork on a 13-year-old canine).

My ex-husband, who hasn't seen her in 5 years, is wishing to see her and take care of her for the last years of her life. The financial burden has begun taking it's toll on me (2 shots a day + special food + medicine = $900 a month), so I've considered his offer. However, I am going to do what is in HER best interest.

I'm worried that moving homes would take a toll on her health. She's finally moving around ok (thank you for arthritis medicine) and being stabilized on her insulin. She's always been VERY strong throughout her 13 years (I've moved a lot with the military).

Any advice or experience would be appreciated!


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Apr 5, 2009
I think that moving to another home would be stressful to the dog. I'm concerned that your ex-husband hasn't seen her in 5 years, and that she would not have very much trust and comfort with him, almost like a stranger.

Having said that, if the home would be more quiet and accomodating, and your ex was a very loving person with animals, it may benefit her.

Veterinary care can be very expensive, and that is a real life decision factor in your case also. I guess you just have to look at the whole picture, and evaluate all the pros and cons in the dog's best interest. Not an easy decision, and shouldn't be rushed into for sure.

If he takes her, will you be able to visit her regularly and see how she's doing? My heart goes out to you, it's a tough decision to make. If she gets all the attention and love she needs at his place, maybe it's for the best.


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Nov 20, 2010
What shots are you giving her? The reason I'm asking is that you might be able to get the supplements yourself and drastically cheaper. For instance I had a dog that had red mange and she required ivermectin shoots. Each week I would bring my dog to the vet for a 50 dollar shot, so it cost me 200 dollars a month. Until I found out I could get ivermectin online or at a feeds store for about 20 dollars that was enough for 6 months supply. The ivermectin I didn't even have to give her a shot, I could give it to her orally, which I ended up doing :) Saved me hundreds of dollars

So even though you are spending 900 dollars a month there are chances you can save a lot of money doing it yourself. If it's the same medicine you don't have to pay the vet bill each time and you can do it yourself. It's just a suggestion.


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Mar 31, 2010
Difficult decision, but I agree completely with kindtocreatures, above, if it's in her best interest, the move would work out.

If you do move her, make sure you send her with lots of her stuff, beds, toys, etc... and some of yours as well - maybe a few of your t-shirts that smell like you, so she can make the transition a bit easier...

Sending some ear rubs to your doggie!


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Oct 16, 2007
This all goes to show that blood work is not a very good indicator of health in many cases. Arthritis, diabetes, cataracts, dementia... and the blood looks good!

My opinion is that a dog will recognize your husband and she may even be glad to see him if the dementia is as of yet not too bad. If you hadnt seen someone for 5 years that you loved how would you feel? Dogs remember long term.

Would you be able to visit her? If she has Alzheimer's she wont remember you or him before too long anyway and the visits would be for your own emotional status mostly. Personally, I would put the dog to sleep when the dementia worsens and that is no less that what I would want for my self if I had Alzheimers. I have taken care of many Alzheimers patients over the years and I know just hard it can be. i would assume its no different for an animal. The suffering can be immense.

Leaving your home to go to his will have its stress for her. I recommend that you give the Bach Flower remedy called rescue for a week during the move. This stuff is amazing on animals. you can get it in most health food stores and it will alleviate the stress without any drug side effects. Use it during the move in the car also.

Curious, just how did they make that Alzheimer's diagnosis?