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    Cholesterol decrease and other benefits of activated charcoal

    Activated carbon, also called activated charcoal will decrease your cholesterol, relieve you from flatulence and bloating, cleanse your kidneys, skin and whiten your teeth.
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    I become bloated every couple of months for a 1 to 4 months and this has been going on for several years and I have had all the test which shows nothing and I am a depressant. So if I'm bloated why put food into the stomach but sometime it actually helps. Anyway I started being bloated again a...
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    Juice Fast

    My stomach has been nauseated for many years for about 75% of the time. No matter what I eat I’m nauseated with a bloated stomach. In the morning is my best time when my stomach is empty. It seem the less I eat the better my stomach is. I’m seeing a doctor about this and I have tried juice fast...
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    Stomach Problems

    I've had stomach problems for about 4 year and very bad stomach problems for the last 4 months. I had a camera stuck down my throat and they took a biopsy and everything was OK. I have had really bad bloating for a month and then it went away, well I have just a plain bad stomach. I have big...
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    I think this Bloating could be cause from being Depressed all the time for many years so this is what I will do and tell me what you think and I'm open to any suggestions. I have had Stomach and mostly bloating problems for the last 4 years with bad bloating the last 2 months and very bad...
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    Almost each time I eat Salad made with Iceburg Lettuce, or say Baked Beans, I feel extremely bloated in the upper quadrant of my Abdomen. It is most uncomfortable, and produces a feeling as if something heavy is laying on my chest. After ingesting beverage (s) that aids in belching, I feel...