1. kind2creatures

    Canadian Scientists Being Censored for Warning of Effects of Aluminum in Vaccines

    When scientists share information about the health hazards of vaccines with aluminum, they are being censored. Injury settlements here...
  2. G

    Is it safe to cook with aluminized steel?

    Hi, I'm wondering whether anyone can help me regarding safe bakeware. Is aluminized steel safe for baking bread or is there risk of aluminum leaching? Thanks
  3. kind2creatures

    Aluminum Sprayed Into Atmosphere Causing Degenerative Disease

    Aluminum that is sprayed from planes into the atmosphere is causing degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Lou Gehrig's Disease... :xbone::xbone:
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    Geoengineering - Slowly Killing Us??

    Heard this guest on coasttocoast radio show last night, hearing about the metals/chemicals like aluminum and even fluoride being misted through the air since the 1940, and increasing activity until this day is really depressing. Aside from suffering from respiratory illnesses, and other human...
  5. M

    Cookware and releasing metals

    It's clear that our cookware can leach toxins into our food so choosing non-toxic cookware is important. But it's not entirely easy to find what is safe because there are so many things that can be toxic. My question is for my steamers that are said to be stainless steel. I've come to...
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    Autism in Children - Heavy Metal Toxicity

    Here's an article about mercury and aluminum toxicity being the cause of autism in children.
  7. kind2creatures

    How Vaccines Are Made

    A little insight into the making of vaccines...
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    Aluminum Uses and Dangers

    There are many recent studies that link aluminum to a variety of health concerns including Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and other nervous system illnesses, diseases and conditions. Aluminum toxicity is highly debated and researched as to the harm it poses to humans in terms of everyday...
  9. kind2creatures

    Dementia and Alzheimer's (aluminum-related sources)

    Article reviewing the most likely sources of aluminum (toxicity) in the body, which may lead to dementia... More about Alzheimer's Disease...
  10. kind2creatures

    Why Aluminum is Used in Vaccines (opinion)

    Article (opinion) about the use of aluminum in vaccines...
  11. L

    Mercury, Aluminum and Formaldyhyde...Anything Else?

    Besides those 3 substances, are there any others that are in vaccines that cause damage? I understand the big concern is blowing out the immune system... but are there any other substances to look out for? My 10 week old daughter is going to get her DTAP on thursday.... I had a big argument...
  12. L

    Deodorant - What Do You Use?

    I didn't even know people are turning to healthier alternatives till I saw this: So what are all the natural folks using? Crystals? Are they like giant salt crystals? So, you still sweat, but the salt kills the bacteria? Is that the general idea...
  13. kind2creatures

    Spraying Aluminum - Chemtrails?

    Aluminum in chemtrails?? :twisted:
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    Alzheimer's Cause (opinion)

    Consider the Cause of Alzheimer's Disease (Opinion) by Hesh Goldstein, citizen journalist (NaturalNews) We, Americans, are losing our minds to Alzheimer`s disease. It is an epidemic and it is not typical of what`s going on in the rest of the world. The World Health Organization estimates...
  15. M

    Multiple Sclerosis - Aluminum toxicity?

    Thought this was interesting - Arrow ****************************************************** Major Breakthrough in Multiple Sclerosis Research What if I told you that the cause of many multiple sclerosis cases is the same culprit that’s implicated in Alzheimer’s disease? Since both are brain...