Autism in Children - Heavy Metal Toxicity


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Apr 5, 2009
Here's an article about mercury and aluminum toxicity being the cause of autism in children.


1. The first problem with all autistic children (and adults) is mineral
toxicity, usually mercury or aluminum, both of which destroy brain cells,
and unless this toxic condition is cleared up, there can be no real
advance, as new brain cells cannot be made. The brain has to work with
what it has, and that's not enough. The rise of mercury pollution in our
water, growing areas, and seas is basically the same curve as the growth of
autism from 50 years ago of i in 10,000 births to now 1 in 64 or so.
Coincidence? I don't think so.

The problem starts because the pregnant woman is just high in mercury, but
her liver is filtering and containing it and not letting it get to her
brain. However, the fetus liver is also getting this mercury, and that
liver is so small that it becomes virtually loaded. Now, comes birth, and
being a good mother, she knows that breast feeding is best, she breast
feeds, not knowing that her breast milk contains additional mercury.
However, in most cases, the baby grows "normally" according to various
tests. Now, at 6-12 months (more or less), anywhere from 9-12 vaccines are
injected into the infant. A day later, that infant is changed. The
additional mercury and/or aluminum has gotten past the overloaded liver,
and killed brain cells - now there is autism.

Do NOT blame the mother. It is not her fault, it is our culture of profit
at all cost of Big Pharma. As a matter of fact, many of the vaccines are
not needed any more, but there are huge stocks (with mercury and aluminum
preservatives) that have to be sold or take a huge loss in profits. To
catch a virus, there has to be a person with that virus. There is no more
smallpox, no more polio,virtually no whooping cough, and almost no mumps or
measles, and all the rest of that deadly cocktail of vaccines that many
states require, and doctors do regularly (profit again). It's much safer
IN ANY NEIGHBORHOOD. But that doesn't profit Big Pharma, so they buy
legislatures that make laws saying you HAVE to have your child vaccinated.

So, if you are a parent of a newborn, make sure that you sign the paper
stating "NO VACCINATIONS". I am an agnostic, but I would perjure myself
before allowing any grandchild or mine to be vaccinated.

Years ago, I did a face book video on how to avoid autism and have a
healthier child. I advised a minimum of 4 grams (4000mg) of ascorbic acid
daily. I suggested 2 with breakfast, and 2 with dinner leaving the noon
meal for the vitamins and minerals needed for good nutrition. Ascorbic
acid is the basic form of Vitamin C. and it combines with minerals in the
blood, making them into a combined "ascorbate" form. That form is filtered
out by the kidneys, and is excreted. Calcium and Sodium ascorbate DOES NOT
take any minerals as it's already into the ASCORBATE form. (If it has my
name - BATE- in it, it won't take out minerals - simple to remember.)

I take 4000mg of ascorbic acid vitamin C daily, and for the past several
years, my toxic minerals are either "unmeasurable" or so low as to be no
risk whatsoever.

2. The second problem with autistic children is that they are all ADD/ADHD
with brain damage. How far they are on the spectrum depends on how much
brain damage. Yes, it's that simple.

The best solution to allergy stress and even cure is either Neurofeedback
or Neuroliminal Training. As an expert in Neurofeedback, I found it so
expensive that only the wealthy can really afford it, particularly for
autism, as it may require 200 half hour sessions at an average of $100
each. So, I created a subliminal way to do the same things, namely
changing brain waves in the same way.

Compare $147 total cost for Neuroliminal Training to an average around
$5000 for Neurofeedback, and both take about 60 days for non brain damage
These kids sit still in school, concentrate and learn, grades go up one or
two grades, and IQ goes up 10-15 points. NT is also guaranteed to work, or
return the CD and get a refund.

3. The above stress makes the infant and young child body require much
more amino acids, and vitamins and minerals. But autistic children are
typically poor eaters, so the body causes the digestive system to "open up
the pores", and this allows undigestive particles that look like bacteria
or virus germs, and the brain develops another allergy to such foods.
(That's why so many autistic children respond well to the GFCF diet. The
first foods are milk and grains.) This adds to the allergy stress.

4. Getting more and better (more nutritional) food into the Autistic child
is also a must, but it's difficult to do because most autistic kids are
"picky" or worse, And of course, they only like foods that aren't that
good for them.

There is an article "Integrated 4 Part Therapy for Autism (and other mental
problems)" that is detailed on how to "normalize" autism, doing it all at
home, without bankrupting the family. You can download it free at


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Oct 16, 2007
Mineral Toxicity? I don't like that title... How about Heavy Metals Toxicity?


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Jul 11, 2011
kind2creatures, thanks for that, interesting, I will have to send the link to daughter.