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Aluminum Sprayed Into Atmosphere Causing Degenerative Disease

Mad Scientest

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Apr 11, 2006
For those that are willing to admit that there is such a thing as chemtrails they claim that they are trying to protect us from global warming. However the latest from NASA claims that chemtrails actually promote global warming.

But the real reason for chemtrails appears to tied into eugenics programs designed to get rid of what the elite consider our excess population.


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Apr 5, 2009
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I don't doubt that population control may have something to do with it, but it boggles my mind that the powers that be aren't concerned about their own families, etc. :confused: I think they got into controlling the weather, and bit off more than they could chew...things went haywire, but they're not willing to admit it, despite the damage it's doing to our overall health and that of our children. :evil:

Solstice Goat

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Aug 7, 2012
Seattle, WA
I don't doubt that population control may have something to do with it, but it boggles my mind that the powers that be aren't concerned about their own families, etc. :confused:

It's the 'Can't happen to me I'm so special' mindset. :roll:

Same rational to think it's fine for gov to steal 40% of everyone's income. :evil:

Sheeple. It's time to fire up the sheers. ;)


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Aug 8, 2012
Wasn't the rain at Woodstock pre-ordered???

And I'll just bet TPTB have some type of "cure" to offset the inbalance in themselves. Something that is going to be illegal for us, soon. Or not GRAS. Whatever.

It's everywhere. Air. Soil. Blood streams...it is even MORE important to watch the diet carefully as well as the water we bathe with and drink. Lighten the toxic load. Exercise to get that lymph system going. Bathe in the sunshine carefully. *No burn.

Truly do the research on meds/vaccines. There have been cures for all illnesses/disease available to us from our earth - if we hurry and destroy it there will be less of us for sure. Grow your own!!

Seems homeopathic is "ok." Rockefellers used it way back, so it is being spared the attack of being bad. Claimed to be useless at times, but not bad like supplements and herbals.

Have you noticed friends/family members suddenly complaining of odd pains/symptoms? And suddenly watching commercials claiming to manage them?

Not only is aluminum mixed up in those "harmless trails" but there are some nasty items such as barium, strontium, fibers of some sort. ewwww

In some of the most politically active areas in the U.S. and the seat of Liberty For Life, the government resorted to low level direct intensive spraying of the public. Refusing to disclose 57% of the ingredients they were spraying the public with, the authorities claimed that the spraying was necessary to combat 'apple moth' infestations. The company carrying out the spraying also specializes in aerial dispersing of insects such as the apple moth.

No apple moth here in Indiana, but we were sprayed for a gypsy moth. TWICE. They did several "loops." By crop duster - over homes, cars, yards, churches, kids waiting for school bus, etc! I fought it vehemently. My street was spared. Gypsy Moths? ReallY? BOGUS. (We neither had an issue with the moth, nor did we have a large population of the white oak tree that falls victim to it)

At the informational meeting held by the dept of natural resources concerning the spraying of foray 76b - we were told about the MOTH only. Specific information concerning the liquid to be sprayed on our homes/yards/cars/kids were to be directed at the manufacturer. The ingredients in this are protected by trade secret laws so good luck trying to get a list of them. But people's homes are being sprayed. Sheeple doesn't begin to describe them. I tried to inform them. ZZzzz... [I called the manufacturer Valent in Canada - used to be here in USA awhile back. Found the pesticide began in a Monsanto owned lab.] They informed me to leave the area for three to five days!! (I once found an article that theorized bacteria did something with radio frequency. {http://www.physnews.com/physics-news/cluster149931726/} Does this tie in? Are we the science experiment? Control by RF? Or, ELF?) Radio waves are BIG in the production of weather.

Why would anyone familiar with the chemtrails be so inclined to offer info? For then there is RISK.

Just allow whoever is spraying to do it while claiming they are not and see what happens. If it is determined that the cloud cover IS helping offset the damage being done by fracking/oil use, YAY!! Then they will come clean and let us know some very rich people, who control the governments, took it upon themselves to conduct the research unbeknownst to us all, or some such.

If it fails? Who will find out? It's being done independently. We are being told the vapors/clouds are harmless and we are paranoid. Until others DO determine the contents in our rain and ask where those chemicals come from and then...what ever happens to them???!!