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    Can the flu shot increase your risk of Covid-19?

    Some troubling statistics
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    Alternative Treatments for Covid In Trouble

    I agree with vitamin C and D3. Also regular exercise, proper sleep, and zinc.
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    Alternative Treatments for Covid In Trouble

    AstraZeneca has canceled their project to make a vaccine since their test subjects have had serious life-threatening side effects to their early versions. There may never be a safe vaccine. They have never been able to...
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    chest pains

    When you first start working out with weights there is pain. Try starting out with lighter weights and take perhaps 2 days off from exercising. Eventually you will be able to challenge your performance.
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    Natural Ways to Fight Your Depression

    There are studies that show B12 and choline are deficient in people with clinical depression. I would try using these and see if there is a difference.
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    Health breakfast for students

    Despite the Kelloggs advertisements, breakfast is NOT the most important meal of the day. Skipping breakfast has a lot of health benefits. When eating a breakfast you should avoid simple carbs since they increase your insulin and later cause an insulin crash which causes cravings and fatigue...
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    Super healthy -- but hyperparathyroidism got me

    I am rescheduled for surgery with a different surgeon on Oct 1. I have seen websites with blogs for people who have had the surgery and the claims are awesome. Return of energy and even thicker hair growth. Looking forward to it.
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    Super healthy -- but hyperparathyroidism got me

    Despite healthy eating, regular exercise, target body weight etc my blood test showed high calcium and further tests showed an adenoma on one of my parathyroid glands. If gone untreated it leads to kidney stones and heart disease. The cure is a half hour surgery to remove the bad gland and that...
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    Basic weight loss 101

    The biggest lie in the weight loss industry is that calories are calories. Let me tell you why. Calories from carbohydrates become blood sugar and trigger insulin. Insulin is a hormone that produces fat storage and fat loss is impossible with any significant amount of insulin in the blood. With...
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    Oh the horror! Fake meat hits the market.

    Do you want to be a guinea pig? Then try the Impossible Burger made in a lab and including GMO ingredients. It will be 20 years until we really know the health effects but you can eat it now and roll the dice. Even worse is that they are going to reduce livestock and real meat as they see fake...
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    I recently saw a film called The Perfect Diet where a seemingly healthy 24-year old had a heart attack and went on a search for the healthiest diet interviewing nutrition and medical experts and one conclusion is that grains including whole grains should be avoided as they are anti-nutrients and...
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    30 Year Study of Vaccines -- Vaccines Unsafe and Uneffective

    This scientific study citing 400 documented cases is causing many physicians and pediatricians especially to rethink their positions on vaccines. The overwhelming amount of evidence is impossible to ignore. The author of the study cites studies funded by pharmaceutical companies and government...
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    Nature Made Vitamin Recall- Safety Issue

    Nature Made has issued a recall on some of their supplements due to possible salmonella contamination.
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    EPA - current fluoride levels in water unsafe

    The EPA has concluded unanimously that the current level of fluoride allowed in public drinking water is unsafe and can cause fluorosis in teens, brittle bones in the elderly, and may be linked to cancer. The EPA is currently conducting a thorough study before enacting a new legal fluoride level...
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    Coconut Butter and Blocked Ear

    I have recently been having a lot of problems with a plugged ear. My work insurance has changed and it doesn't cover office visits, so I didn't want to pay $200 to my doctor, get referred to an ear specialist who would charge another $300 and then pay $100 for ear drops that would be just like...
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    The Future of Advertising

    I watched a tv show recently where the main character decided to eat healthy. The other characters rolled their eyes, threw out zinger jokes, and called it a "health kick". By eating healthy the character meant eating nothing but oatmeal and rice cakes. By the end of the show he had given it up...
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    Just Say No to the Shingles Vaccine

    TV and radio is swamped with ads for the shingles vaccine. Most doctors are pushing them - but it looks like not only is the vaccine ineffective -- with prevention rates far below 50% -- and expensive --around $300, but also the side effects of the vaccine are far more dangerous and devastating...
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    According to the Guardian, eating healthy foods is a sign of mental illness. People without mental illness readily wolf down junk food. (Really? I mean -- REALLY???) The sad thing is that this isn't a joke.
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    "Astroturfing" the truth

    I get most of my news now from RTN (russian) or BBC news (british) because American new stations are so full of "astroturfing". Dr. Mercola has an article about this devious and sinister practice to twist the truth...
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    12 Other Symptoms of Gluten Sensitivity

    I remember my dentist asking me to have my doctor do a full eval on me because the amount of cavities I was suddenly getting indicating an underlying general health problem. Of course my doctor said I had no problems and was in perfect health - except for unexplained joint pain, fatigue, and...