Basic weight loss 101


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The biggest lie in the weight loss industry is that calories are calories. Let me tell you why. Calories from carbohydrates become blood sugar and trigger insulin. Insulin is a hormone that produces fat storage and fat loss is impossible with any significant amount of insulin in the blood. With low blood sugar and low insulin from eating low carbohydrates, insulin is not present and you can have body fat loss. When body fat is used for energy, it becomes ketones. No ketones equals no body fat loss.

This is why intermittent fasting and diets like the ketogenic diet work and calorie counting or portion control don't. You can exercise like a maniac but if there is significant insulin in your blood, there will be no body fat loss. By the same token, if your blood has low insulin and you don't exercise, you can still have body fat loss.

This is the dirty secret that companies like Weight Watchers and Nutrisystems will never tell you.If you know the biology, you don't need any program or plan -- just maintain low blood sugar and the weight will come off.


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I lost a significant amount of weight by counting calories and exercising. At another point in my life I lost a good deal of weight by reducing carb intake and portion control without much exercise. I say if there is a will there is a way!😉