Thyroid issues: I have graves and hashimoto antibodies


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Mar 25, 2018
Hello Everyone,

I've been thinking about joining some forums for a while to get some feedback from people. I have a rather interesting scenario, and I'm wondering if anyone can relate/have any insights. Here's my story in a nutshell:

When i was nineteen I had low thyroid hormones, about 0.03. a week after my initial test was taken, an endocrinologist tested me again and I was in normal ranges, but I still had symptoms of fatigue, hunger, thirst, increased heart rate, weak muscles. Long story short, through various alternative health means (supplements, homeopathy, exercise) I got to much more livable state of life

Fast forward to now, at 25 years old. I had another major increase in symptoms about 3 years ago after drinking three weekends in a row. I went back in and my test showed me positive for Graves and Hashimoto's, and my thyroid levels were again 0.03. I was again referred to an endocrinologist, but in between my initial appointment/blood test and my endocrinologist appointment/blood test, I came upon a treatment of using canola oil on my neck where my thyroid is located. This really helped me feel a lot better, and my second test again showed my thyroid levels as normal.

Over time I learned that certain foods made my symptoms worse, and long story short again, this has digressed to where if I eat certain things, I almost instantly feel pain in my thyroid and have symptoms. Right now, If I were to eat a piece of cake, my tongue would swell and hurt, and thryoid would ache for a few days, I would be so hungry 4 meals a day would hardly suffice, Tired, etc. not fun :(

Symptoms I currently experience: Pain in thyroid, weakness of limbs (forearms and lower legs), itchy/painful inner ears, moderate insomnia, anxiety, pain in my lower row of teeth shortness of breath, slight tightness in chest, shooting nerve pain in arms and legs occasionally, swollen painful tongue

Foods that trigger these symptoms: all bread, all alcohol (especially beer) sugary sweets (not fruit, except bananas), walnuts, almonds, some low quality hot dogs, pop, breading

All of these foods affect me more and for a longer time period the more of them I consume. Also, when I apply castor or olive oil to my neck multiple times, it causes my thyroid to hurt for a while, and then all my symptoms improve drastically by the next morning, and after a few more applications, almost entirely gone.

I have restricted myself to a diet of meat, veggies, fruit, and...potatoes, that's about it.

I am currently scheduled for allergy testing in a month.

Anybody else experience physical pain in their thyroid and major food sensitives?