endocrine disruptors

  1. T

    Thyroid issues: I have graves and hashimoto antibodies

    Hello Everyone, I've been thinking about joining some forums for a while to get some feedback from people. I have a rather interesting scenario, and I'm wondering if anyone can relate/have any insights. Here's my story in a nutshell: When i was nineteen I had low thyroid hormones, about...
  2. B

    BPA exposure early in life can lead to depression

    BPA is a phthalate that is also a known endocrine disruptor. It disrupts multiple hormones in the body. https://goo.gl/hfXr2j BPA also linked to problems with neurodevelopment, such as increased anxiety, depression, aggressive behavior (like lead exposure), attention deficit, hyperactivity...
  3. Ted_Hutchinson

    Review of the science linking chemical exposures obesity and diabetes

    Daily Mail article hereObesity is being 'fuelled by gender-bending chemicals in toys and tin cans' The chemicals may also help trigger diabetes Calls to reduce exposure especially in pregnant women Full text paper is available for download here REVIEW OF THE SCIENCE LINKING CHEMICAL EXPOSURES...