1. T

    Thyroid issues: I have graves and hashimoto antibodies

    Hello Everyone, I've been thinking about joining some forums for a while to get some feedback from people. I have a rather interesting scenario, and I'm wondering if anyone can relate/have any insights. Here's my story in a nutshell: When i was nineteen I had low thyroid hormones, about...
  2. jfh

    Making nuts safer

    I have so many questions about this article. There's just something wrong about modifying a tree nut for the general population, instead of helping those allergic. Did you know there were millions of US children and adults who are allergic to nuts? Millions? Gosh! Just burn those nasty nut...
  3. kind2creatures

    Hidden Causes of Weight Gain

    Some hidden causes of weight gain such as allergies, stress, thyroid, depression, insomnia, etc...
  4. L

    Does Raw Milk Help to Eliminate Allergies?

    I have been reading about people saying that raw milk helps or eliminates alot of people's (including children's) allergies. Does anyone have experience with this? Or know, if it is true, why it does that?
  5. J

    Recommended supplements or natural remedies for skin problems?

    Hi guys There has long been a problem within my family with sun sensitive skin. We all suffer from skin allergies such as prickly heat when exposed to the sun for long periods of time. I really want to try an alternative medicine to just taking anti hystermines after the problem has happened...
  6. M

    Allergy Alternatives

    I have horrible allergies and every May-June I turn into a huge mess of sneezing snot. I have heard that there are many different herbal remedies to take care of allergies. I have personally used White Pine essential oil and it helped a lot but I would like to know what other remedies people use.
  7. kind2creatures

    Hay Fever & Seasonal Allergies - Remedies

    Some herbal and homeopathic remedies for hay fever and seasonal allergies.
  8. kind2creatures

    The Sea's Garden

    Information about the nutritional benefits of marine plants and vegetables...
  9. jbo

    Rooibos tea

    I'm starting to suffer from pollen this year again and a friend of mine swears by Rooibos tea. I tried to google for awhile and I did read some people having benefits of Rooibos tea for allergies. I also read it has similar effects as Chamomile, so I was thinking about taking it at night...
  10. M

    Allergies and MSM

    MSM is made from DMSO. In "The Miracle of MSM - The Natural Solution For Pain" by Stanley W. Jacob, MD, it says that this supplement that is non-toxic helps the body reduce inflammation and eliminates scar tissue. It helps people with chronic sinusitus,(Jim have you tried it?), makes skin...
  11. kind2creatures

    Holiday Allergies - How To Cope

    Here's an article that explains some allergies that may be triggered around the holiday season, from indoor trees to foods...
  12. saved1986

    Went to Kent State last night: a few issues

    Went into the local health food store (kent natural foods) and I saw spray bottle of magenesium oil and purchased it (Life-flo brand). Recommendations, what actually to do? My buddy came down from akron for a few beers and we had an interetsing discussion: Peanut Allergies and Austism: 1)...
  13. R

    sick dog

    boys where do I 12yr old 130pd lab mix seems to be having asthma attacks...the minute he gets excited he starts the panting ...the other day I gave him 10mg of loratadine (claritin) am and pm ..the next day he threw up mucus for 24hours couldn't keep anything down so I stopped the...
  14. R

    has anyone heard of a Product called fresh control

    I have soap allergies and I was wondering if anyone has heard of product called fresh control? My gynecologist told me it might work for me. Thanks
  15. kind2creatures

    Butterbur for Seasonal Allergies

    Research confirms butterbur efficiency against allergies by Michelle Bosmier (NaturalNews) Several research studies have recently been conducted to explore the health benefits of butterbur, a whole food from the Earth, and to verify whether it may be used as a reliable treatment for seasonal...
  16. kind2creatures

    Allergy Elimination Re: Food

    The Allergy Elimination Diet This has been a particularly difficult season for allergy suffers. The Allergy Elimination Diet is one I recommed many of my patients who cannot seem to find the source of their issues. If pollens, dust and dander are not a major source of your allergens, then by...
  17. saved1986

    Allergies: Quite annoying

    I get them very rarely, but have one now (since friday). I took a zyrtec yesterday and am still buzzing from the damn thing. No more of those. Any suggestions?
  18. L

    5 Yr Old Has Itchy, Red Eyes

    Well, his eyeballs themselves are not that red, just the skin around his eyes. He gets bad allergies this time of year (when the tree pollen in our area starts). Last year we thought it might be redeye, but the doctor said no. Just allergies. His eyes get really really itchy and they get red...
  19. kind2creatures

    MSM For Joint Support AND Soft Skin

    MSM, best known for joint support, also enhances skin softness. By Lisa James January 2008 When you think of essential minerals, sulfur probably isn’t the first item that comes to mind. But organic forms of this bright-yellow element shine within every single cell and none more brightly...
  20. kind2creatures

    Indoor Winter Allergies

    When it's cold outside, a cozy home is sublime. But for indoor allergy sufferers, this comfort can morph into a miserable sneezy nightmare. Fortunately, there are ways to create a breath-easy home environment. By Patrick Dougherty From November, 2005 (EnergyTimes) As the first frost...