MMS Killed my Herpes


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May 26, 2016
Hello, I am wondering if you have any updates on your testing results. Do you mind sharing your contact information please? I really need help with this.


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Jul 27, 2016
Yes, MMS cured Herpes

Look everyone I wanted to contribute so others can benefit from it! MMS worked for me! I won't make a long story so here we go. I found MMS after trying a couple of other alternatives (Rife, Intravenous Ozone) but MMS worked, period!

Ok I learned the hard way by using too much MMS initially and I do mean the hard way. Then I later discovered that the citric activator was causing a lot of suffering too. Once I figured it out that my body accepted Hydrochloric acid (HCL) very well as an activator. From that point I decided to use Protocol 1000 for 3 weeks. Now mind you being that I've had already had a bad experience with too much dosing so I started with 1 activated drop per hour for 8 hours a day.

Build-up first week - [1 drop per hour] I initially activated 8 total activated drops in 8 ounces of water (ticked off on a glass baby bottle) and measured 1 ounce in a shot glass every hour. Luckily for me I had an office where I could privately do this.

Build-up second week - [2 drops per hour] I increased the drops up to 16 total activated drops, same 8 ounces of water for 8 hours a day.

Protocol 1000 [3 drops per hour x 8 hours = 24 drops in baby bottle] Note: does not require refrigeration but should be kept in dark as UV deterioates the effectiveness.
Official 1st week: Same but with 24 drops/hourly/8 ounces of water/drink 1 ounce with shot glass.
Official 2nd week: Same 24 activated drops/hourly/8 ounces of water/drink 1 ounce with shot glass.
Official 3rd week: Same 24 activated drops/hourly/8 ounces of water/drink 1 ounce with shot glass.

Of course you have to observe all the precautions of not consuming any antioxidants that will neutralize MMS during you dosings (vitamin-C, coffee, tea, chocolate, be cautious of certain vegetables too etc). I even started working out and yes you must eat and you can catch-up with the Vitamin-C an hour or so after your last dosing. I also ensured I drank lots of water and the workouts felt good and I was more energetic. Not the same type of energy of coffee stimulant but true energy! Even though it has been only 3 months I usually have symptoms by now and I have had some medical issues (i.e. severe allergies) that should have sure as heck stressed the body out and bring about symptoms which I had to stay on top of it solely relying on generic valtrex. But God as my witness I have had no symptoms and if you are a sufferer you know when your body is signaling to you that this virus is lurking about for an excuse to make you suffer physically and emotionally.

I recommend you guys do this and follow the protocol 1000, if 3 weeks is not enough you can always take 1 week off, eat healthy and pump up with vitamin C and do it again but maybe an extra week…believe me the science behind MMS chips away at issues in your body and I love this solution so much because, it is cheap, portable as hell and it purifies your bodily fluids when the ozone could not get to all the places where blood may need to got to kill the buggers however your bodily fluids gets everywhere. Also noted with having MMS at a constant parts per million in your body it will permeate everything. That is all I can say and hope somebody stumbles upon this and use it. I have not found any other testimony except for "ancient rider" on MMS testimonial. He had it for 47 years and crushed it! No I am not doing the testing you know why? Because PCR testing is not accurate…why I say..because I did PCR testing and it came back negative prior to MMS. I go by the fact that this little "B" aint showed it's ugly little face and I am confident. Besides if I was wrong….it is only a matter of application of dosing and time!

I recommend reading his testimony, good luck and happy hunting.
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Oct 16, 2016
I'm a phlebotomist the test that everyone needs to take to see if they are rid of the virus in western blot. Its very expensive. But its the only test


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Feb 2, 2017
wetsern blot

A western blot test only tests for herpes antibodies. It does not test for the virus. If you had herpes, you will always test positive for antibodies for the rest of your life. That is not a valid test to see if you are rid of the virus.

The difficulty is killing herpes virus is that it hides out in the nerve ganglion at the base of your spine when it's inactive. So in order to kill it, you must reach it's hiding place. The best way to do that (so far) is to make sure you are using protocol 1000+. The "+" means you are adding DMSO to the mix. DMSO is known to carry other molecules and penetrate even bone to help deliver the ClO2 deeper into your body and, hopefully, to the hiding places of the virus.

Herpes virus is a parasite and does not survive outside of a living cell. It is also very fragile and most anything it comes in contact kills it. So - it stands to reason that if the ClO2 can reach it, it should indeed kill it.

I've lived with herpes (type 2) for 33 years. It was 2 years ago that I tried using protocol 1000+ to see if I could finally be rid of this terrible virus. I already know the truth that I may never know if the treatments worked. If I ever have another outbreak, I will know it did not work. So far for me, I have not had a recurrence since I completed the protocol. Since then I've been eating plenty of peanut butter and other nuts, taken supplements, and basically anything I want to eat that is high in argenine, and also survived a sunburn last summer - all with no recurrence. That is a pretty promising sign.

I wish there was some way I could be certain that this thing worked and I am finally free of this virus, but the only test I know at present is time itself. Good luck to everyone trying to cure themselves and I truly hope it works for you.