1. kind2creatures

    Thyme Acts As Anti-Viral Against Herpes and Other Diseases

    Thyme acts as an anti-viral against Herpes and other diseases...http://www.realnatural.org/thyme-provides-antiviral-protection-against-herpes-and-other-viruses/
  2. L

    Herpes caused by fungi?

    In my own quest to fix a health issue I found this. http://hubpages.com/hub/What-Lamisil-dosage-do-I-take-to-cure-herpes He basically says that 90% of diagnosed "herpes", are actually symptons caused by a fungus, not virus. He also says that more often then not, you can cure "herpes" with...
  3. A

    How long should I take MMS to eradicate Herpes?

    Hi I have read that you need to reach "saturation level" to eradicate Herpes because it lives so close to the skin's surface. How will I know I've reached that level? Is it when the nausea and diarrhea goes away? My current dosage is 15 drops three times a day. I have diarrhea almost all the...
  4. C

    MMS Killed my Herpes

    Yea that says it I have had a oral strain since childhood. I took MMS just for detox and to see if it would kill me, had to make sure LOL. Its been months and not one single sore. :shock: I hate the name, but love the product :lol: Oh and anyone hear if the suppliers have got the letter from...
  5. Harry Hirsute

    Essential Oils vs. Herpes