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    Vaccine Damage Causing Autism?

    Watch a video regarding Autism and vaccines...
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    Children's Play and Well-Being

    Play is more than just joy for kids—it’s ­vital for their development. September 2013 By Corinne Garcia Once upon a time, children roamed free: They would go from yard to yard, put together a game of baseball with the neighborhood kids and come back at dinnertime totally wiped out...
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    Blood Pressure on the Rise in Children

    More cases of hypertension in children...
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    Treat Children's Asthma Naturally

    ...with fruits, vegetables, fish oil and probiotics...
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    Pediatrician Refuses Patients Unless Vaccinated

    This talk show host on the radio was saying that he and his wife have been going to a very good pediatrician with their 2 children for years. Recently they were told that the children must have ALL required vaccinations, or they could no longer be seen by any doctors in their
  6. N


    Has anyone heard of enamel fluorosis? I heard this is a relatively recent disease that effects children?
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    Natural Play Spaces for Children

    Some ideas about the benefits of natural play spaces outdoors for children's health and creativity...
  8. B

    Vitamins for 3 Year Old

    I would like to get some vitamins/supplements for my son as he is a very picky eater and I want to be sure he is getting all he needs. I have tried various health smoothies, which he tells me are "yucky garbage" no matter what I put in them. I try hiding healthy foods in his meals as well as...
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    ADHD Treatment Information

    Information on ADHD, prescribed drugs, and non-drug options...
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    Benefits of Outdoor Play for Children

    Physical and mental benefits of outdoor play for children...
  11. M

    Any health gift ideas for child?

    Hi guys, For Christmas I want to buy practical things that can be a learning tool, used for clean non-toxic fun like stickers, or health enhancing lifestyle activities. My daughter is 4 now. I also want her to be creative and use her imagination - no electrical toys. Any ideas???????? We...
  12. ozzie


    I'm really peed off,as are a lot of other people here, our dictator prime minister is going to bring in a law that if you don't get your children immunised you will not get any tax benefits, the hide of the woman, she isn't married and wont be having any children herself, so she says and yet...
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    Baby/Child Vaccine Overdosing-What Every Parent Must Know

    Some insight on infant and childhood vaccine overdosing...
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    Autism in Children - Heavy Metal Toxicity

    Here's an article about mercury and aluminum toxicity being the cause of autism in children.
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    Child Beauty Pageants

    I don't know anyone personally that's into this, and I have to note that I've never watched the TV show Toddlers & Tiaras. But...I have seen a couple of TV talk shows where the host was interviewing these parents (usually mothers) and kids. From what I've seen, it's a sad situation for the...
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    Best of Fishy Medicine

    One of the most powerful natural health concepts I know of is to: think of food and supplements as serious medicine. Don’t just dismiss them as something we all need to sustain our bodies. Food is so much more than that. There are naturally occurring chemicals in everyday foods that can promote...
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    Boost Child's IQ with Natural Nutrition & Lifestyle (opinion)

    The United States has an epidemic of childhood neurodevelopmental disease such as autism, ADHD, Asperger's and mental retardation. Much of this is due to the influence of industrial chemicals, processed foods, birth and childhood spinal trauma, & sedentary behavior. A natural diet and innate...
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    Intestinal Worms/Parasites

    In the United States, pinworms are the most common parasitic worm. The main symptom of this small, threadlike worm is rectal itching, especially during the night. Pinworms are transmitted when eggs, which lodge under the fingernails when a person scratches, also contaminating food. Personal...
  19. J

    Fat Police

    Some so-called doctor thinks that maybe the government needs to take kids away from parents if the kids are obese..... and so it continues.... I bet michelle will jump on this one and put it into being
  20. J

    Pediatricians turn away kids who aren't vaccinated