1. carlos66

    natural control diabetes

    nueva alternativa totalmente natural para la diabetes, ingresa a este enlace y mira el video control natural de la diabetes
  2. M

    Best directories for natural makeup?

    Does anyone have any good directories for natural or vegan makeup? One's that are fairly reputable? I know LeapingBunny is a popular one but I have found they are missing quite a few quality brands in the niche lately. I use link removed for a majority of my makeup but I am just looking for a...
  3. T

    Aloe Vera-- Read all about it

    Recently published Aloe Vera benefits ebook is available for FREE here-- Enjoy and happy healing!
  4. kind2creatures

    Natural Medicine for Cats

    Another good article by HealthyFellow...
  5. M

    Allergy Alternatives

    I have horrible allergies and every May-June I turn into a huge mess of sneezing snot. I have heard that there are many different herbal remedies to take care of allergies. I have personally used White Pine essential oil and it helped a lot but I would like to know what other remedies people use.
  6. M

    Natural hair gel or wax

    I want sure where to post this My hair is one at the moment, can anyone suggest a natural hair gel I could use?
  7. kind2creatures

    Genetically Modified (GMO) Soy & Corn in U.S.

    Article about GMOs in soy and corn products...
  8. kind2creatures

    Forever Green - Eco-Friendly Burials

    My wish for when I die has been to be cremated. Here's an article with a new 'green' way of burial. Full Article:
  9. L

    Natural Shampoo That Brings Out Highlights?

    Is there any natural shampoo or anything natural from nature that brings out and gives you highlights in your hair? My wife is having a midlife crisis or something and wants to dye her hair a lighter color, which I think would be a mistake and she probably would not be happy with it. Her hair...
  10. S

    Are there any real health conscious dentists?

    So im on a search to find the best health focused dentist in Los Angeles. Ive gone to a typical western dentist my whole life but ive got an issue with my back molars and some minor gum inflammation I want to get dealt with now before it becomes a problem. I know there are 'holistic' dentists...
  11. P

    Sleep problems

    Hi all, I am a 58 year old, healthy male who has been having a problem for quite some time sleeping through the night. I know one problem is that I have a bad disc in my lower back and in combination with a mattress which I feel is too firm could probably be the answer but all in all I still...
  12. C

    Uggghh. (all vitamins synthetic?)

    ALL vitamins in supplement form are synthetic? Even in organic vitamins? I knew that to be true in Centrum and One-A-Day vitamins and what not, but now the Alive! I've been taking and all the other "good", "whole food", and "organic" brands? Really depressing. I've been doing my research and...
  13. A

    Natural deodorant that WORKS?

    I've tried the Crystal brand that you apply with water and the Tom's of Maine along with a few other natural brands (and those are usually fine for days when I'm not very active) but I can't find anything that will keep odor away when I'm playing sports for several hours. I don't want to revert...
  14. kind2creatures

    Natural Anxiety Relief - L-Theanine

    Just bought some Schiff Melatonin Plus with Theanine. L-Theanine is said to be good for relief of anxiety without damaging the liver.
  15. kind2creatures

    Cancer Cures - Dr. Leonard Coldwell

    Just caught the first hour of Dr. Leonard Coldwell speaking on the c2cam radio show. He talked about curing liver cancer for his mother, and how surgery, chemo and radiation treatments are the things that kill cancer patients. His website is overloaded right now, but seems to have some...
  16. kind2creatures

    Natural Antibacterial Herbs

    (forwarded message)
  17. scorpiotiger

    Mad Scientist.. your opinion on the energy plans

    well.. I guess Obama is the only candidate really looking at alternative energy. McCain seems to only support nuclear energy as an alternate energy source. If Obama is elected, do you really think the government will look into alternative energy, or do you think this is just a campaign thing...