1. J

    An understanding of holistic medicine

    Until I first came to America I had never seen the northern sky. In Australia I was quite able to identify the constellations, but in America I couldn’t. I searched and searched for Orion’s belt, and in the end it was pointed out to me. After that I was able to find it easily. Now, we must...
  2. kind2creatures

    Hyperthyroidism in the Older Cat

    Here's an informative article on hyperthyroidism in cats including signs, diagnosis, causes and treatments including herbs and supplements. http://www.holisticat.com/hypert.html
  3. S

    Are there any real health conscious dentists?

    So im on a search to find the best health focused dentist in Los Angeles. Ive gone to a typical western dentist my whole life but ive got an issue with my back molars and some minor gum inflammation I want to get dealt with now before it becomes a problem. I know there are 'holistic' dentists...
  4. K

    Primary care and natural practitioners

    Hi all, Just wondering where everyone gets their primary care or natural medicine information. Any experiences with holistic doctors, nurses, herbalists, naturopaths, and the like? I'm wary of reps for specific companies because they always seem to find plenty of supplements for every person...