1. kind2creatures

    Aluminum Sprayed Into Atmosphere Causing Degenerative Disease

    Aluminum that is sprayed from planes into the atmosphere is causing degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Lou Gehrig's Disease... :xbone::xbone:
  2. kind2creatures

    Geoengineering - Slowly Killing Us??

    Heard this guest on coasttocoast radio show last night, hearing about the metals/chemicals like aluminum and even fluoride being misted through the air since the 1940, and increasing activity until this day is really depressing. Aside from suffering from respiratory illnesses, and other human...
  3. M

    Chemtrails - depressing

    Here's a video on chemtrails. It's rather depressing to think my herbs, organic leafy greens, water, air.....uh, everything is covered in aluminum and other metals from chem trails. I almost have to shut down to enjoy life anymore. Is there any...
  4. kind2creatures

    Weather Modification/Global Dimming

    Was listening to this guest on George Noory's radio show last night, about the aerosol spraying of aluminum oxide and other chemicals in our skies, which are affecting the ecosystem, making the soil pH too alkaline causing plants to die, dimming the sun's rays and causing human diseases like...
  5. liverock

    Checking Chem Trails For Yourself

    Heres one way anybody can check whether the regular commercial airline planes flying over your area really are the source of chem trails, (which is the official explanation.)
  6. Arrowwind09

    Chem Trail Patents Found

    Spraying the Skies: 1975 U.S. Patent for Powder Contrail Generation Posted in this story is a very interesting PDF available for download here for a 1975 U.S. Patent issued to Donald K. Werle, Romas Kasparas, Sidney Katz, assigned through the U.S. Navy, that describes a dispersion method...
  7. Arrowwind09

    Chemtrails - Clouds of Death - and what you can do about it

    I have a realplayer film for you guys to watch except I don't know how to get it to this forum. There for I am sending you to another forum to download the video. You do not need to join the forum to do so. In fact you cannot join the forum as they do not take new members and have not done so...