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  1. kind2creatures

    Flu Viruses - How We Catch Them and Fight Them Off

    Good information on catching the flu, viruses, sneezes and keeping our immune systems strong to avoid influenza...
  2. kind2creatures

    The Vitamin that Every Aging Man Needs - Vitamin D3

    We've been taking an additional vitamin D3 supplement for years now, since we are aging and want to stay in good health. Here's some info as to why it's an important vitamin for the aging man... Read whole article here...
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    WARNING! Before You Get A Flu Shot, Consider Effectiveness and Possible Damage to Your Health

    Before getting a flu vaccination, stop and learn about the effectiveness of the shot, and the damage that it may cause to your health. Also, know what you can do instead, such as supplementing with vitamin D3, etc...
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    Evidence that Vitamin k2 Helps Chronic Inflammation

    I've been taking vitamin k2 for awhile now, for bone health and to keep the calcium in my bones and not in my arteries. I use the Source of Life brand K2, it's organic, gluten free, vegan, etc. Vitamin D3 should always be taken alongside of k2, as they work together. Here's some info about...
  5. A

    Positive TB test

    Hi I have recently had a positive TB skin test. I was further tested, and I do not have the disease. I originally come from Russia, and I guess just about everyone is exposed to the virus there. I am being offered the antibiotic treatment anyway. But after some research, I've found out that the...
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    EFAs and the Sun

    :sunshine: Essential Fatty Acids, Vitamin D and the sun... Learn more:
  7. Ted_Hutchinson

    New Biomarker in the Blood May Help Predict Alzheimer’s Disease

    New Biomarker in the Blood May Help Predict Alzheimer’s Disease This new research is interesting as we've known for some time that the earliest signs of Alzheimer's can be detected up to 25yrs prior to diagnosis and it can lay dormant for most of that time. This new research linking earlier...
  8. kind2creatures

    Black Raspberry for Cancer Prevention

    Heard on Dr. Oz today about Black Raspberry supplement in a freeze dried form was excellent for cancer prevention. Here's an article on it... Other things mentioned were IP6 (Inositol), Selenium and D3.
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    Natural Remedies for Sunburn

    Here's an article which shares some natural tips for soothing sunburn...
  10. V

    Opinion of my vitamin and supplement stack?

    Please let me know if you believe I may be supplementing too much with some of the I.U. amounts in this stack - my focus with it, besides health, is better hair, skin, nails, and blood circulation :rolleyes:: -Women's Daily Multi-Vitamin (that along with many vitamins also contains Vitamin A...
  11. kind2creatures

    Vitamin D3 During Pregnancy

    Some benefits of supplementing with vitamin D3 during pregnancy.
  12. jpop

    Does too much Vitamin D3 make you feel dizzy?

    Hello, I have not had my Vitamin D levels checked out, but seeing as i live in Scotland where there is hardly any sunshine and having a couple of melanoma moles removed and told to stay out of the sunshine whenever it is out, i thought i must have a Vitamin D deficiency? I was using Swansons...
  13. kind2creatures

    Mysteries of the Flu/Medical Deception

    Article about the flu "industry", vaccinations and the use of vitamin D3 as an alternative...
  14. kind2creatures

    SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and Light Therapy

    Article about Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), light therapy and vitamin D...
  15. Ted_Hutchinson

    Combination of Micronutrients for Bone (COMB)

    Combination of Micronutrients for Bone (COMB) The full text of this paper is free online and I do urge everyone with bone problems to READ all of it. However as they point out the cost of these worked out at $2.26 (CDN) per day, amounting to $67.80 per month or $824.90 per year. A small...
  16. kind2creatures

    Prevent Alzheimer's With Specific Nutrients

    More information about how nutrients like Vitamin B12, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Omega 3s, can help prevent Alzheimers.
  17. kind2creatures

    Proactive Breast Health for Cancer Prevention

    Natural breast health...
  18. T

    How much Vit D3 is too much?

    I've been working with a Natural Medicine/Chinese medicine person on my health this year. I started off taking 4000 units of vit D3 a day (top quality stuff). As we moved into fall the suggestion I got and took was to up the dose to 6000 per day, which I did. Then I got a cold and it was...
  19. Ted_Hutchinson

    Low serum testosterone level predictive of prostate cancer

    Low serum testosterone levels are predictive of prostate cancer Effect of vitamin D supplementation on testosterone levels in men Not the first paper to show this effect.
  20. kind2creatures

    Swine Flu Vaccine (Narcolepsy/Autism)

    More about the harm from swine flu vaccinations...