vitamin c

  1. kind2creatures

    Start Your Day With Lemon Water

    I don't always get to start my day with lemon juice in water, but try to squeeze some in during the day, here's an article that tells why it's a good idea... More about lemons... More on Bioflavonoids (Vitamin...
  2. M

    Intravenous vitamins

    Has anyone used/given intravenous vitamins? I'm wondering how much they cost and if they are worth it. I hear wonderful things about intravenous glutathione, vit. C, and B12.
  3. B

    natural treatment for tonsillitis ?

    i come down with a sore throat 30 hours ago and general feeling of weakness, off balance, chills but no mensurable temp (maybe .2 deg higher than usual) any tips to help get rid if it or at least make it more comfortable i been eating heaps of raw garlic and drinking orange juice it hurts to...
  4. S

    Vitamin C OVERDOSE :/

    I'm wondering if anyone could help me out? I felt a cold coming on, so I got my jar of vitamin c chewable tablets out. I have a busy week coming on and can't be sick so I took 15 tablets. Each one has 200mg of absorbic acid. I now have stomach cramps and severe diarrhea; been to the toilet 5...
  5. kind2creatures

    Harvesting/Preparation of Rose Hips for Health

    A 'how to' article on the harvesting and preparation of rose hips for maximum health benefits.
  6. L

    Mega dosing on Vitamin C

    If I'm looking to mega dose on vitamin C to help ward off a cold or just for good health, does it matter what type of vitamin C? is the cheap ascorbic acid (purchased from Sams) just as effective as any other form of vitamin C? I know its not as good as taking a food form (with all the great...
  7. kind2creatures

    Vitamin C Benefits

    More about vitamin C...
  8. kind2creatures

    Bioflavonoids (Vitamin P)

    Bioflavonoids are essential in the body for the proper absorption and utilization of vitamin C. They assist vitamin C in maintaining collagen, the intercellular cement, in healthy condition. They increase the strength of the capillaries, and help to prevent hemorrhages and ruptures, while also...
  9. truestorytotell

    Vitamin C

    I just bought Vitamin C - 1000mg tablets,and i will start drinking as recomended 1 pill per day,in an attempt to strengthen my immune system... i am already drinking a multivitamin a day,but that contains a bit of everything,so im adding my vitamin C to big big levels... My question is...
  10. truestorytotell

    Genital warts

    ok so i got them 6 months ago...i will try to keep it short i went to a doctor,he gave me a cream,didnt work... i went to another doctor,i got a cream and a washing liquid,didnt work... then i got the warts burned off and i got another washing liquid and a liquid to put on and leave on...
  11. kind2creatures

    Breast Cancer Decisions

    Breast cancer (BC) patients and survivors throughout the world are embracing complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) as an adjunct to conventional treatment. Recent surveys conducted in Malay, Taiwan and the United States indicate that more than half of women with BC use one form or another...
  12. kind2creatures

    Vit. C & Colloidal Silver Effective Antibiotics

    Antibiotics - Good, Bad and Ugly Antibiotics are both a blessing and a curse. There is no doubt that they have saved many lives and almost eliminated death from "older" common bacterial infections. However, they have been over prescribed from the beginning and this has caused two very...
  13. athletic dept

    Intravenous vitamin C as cancer therapy

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, April 14, 2011 INTRAVENOUS VITAMIN C AS CANCER THERAPY: Free Access to Twenty-One Expert Video Lectures Online (OMNS Apr 14, 2011) Scientists have long studied the effects of mega-doses of vitamin C to treat a wide variety of...
  14. L

    Ascorbic Acid, Again, What is It Made From?

    "Ascorbic acid is synthesized from glucose through a five-step process. Firstly, glucose, a pentahydroxy aldose, is reduced to sorbitol, which is then oxidized by the microorganism Acetobacter suboxydans. To selectively oxidize only one of the six hydroxy groups in sorbitol, an enzymatic...
  15. C

    Chlorella nutrient differences.

    Why is there such a difference with the nutrients in chlorella as opposed to the additives/binders? I could understand how one wouldn't have anything non-organic, but why the change in actual nutrients? One has vitamin C, the other doesn't, one has DNA and RNA, and the other one doesn't, etc...
  16. saved1986

    Allergies: Quite annoying

    I get them very rarely, but have one now (since friday). I took a zyrtec yesterday and am still buzzing from the damn thing. No more of those. Any suggestions?
  17. L

    1 lb of Camu Powder for 30 bucks

    30 bucks includes shipping....way less than everyone else. except one other seller on amazon. Just bought some camu powder from this seller on amazon: their description seems very good...
  18. jbo

    On antibiotics

    Around me everybody has been sick really bad lately and for awhile I was the only person not getting sick, then I caught something. The pollen in my area is extremely high, which I do have allergies, but I've been sick for over a week in bed. I tried taking 15,000mg of vitamin C a day, 10,000...
  19. K


    The secret healing powers of lemons
  20. saved1986

    Laetrile and Hydrazine sulfate

    The cancer industry book I am reading, I am now on alternative therapies. Basically any studies done on laetrile and hydrazine sulfate by sloan ketterling used amounts way below what the protocol should have been. Calls for new studies at better dosoges were refused and nothing was said.