1. kind2creatures

    Foster Parents Lose Children

    Unless everyone in their household gets a flu vaccine! :evil:
  2. kind2creatures

    Could the Ineffective Flu Shots Be Causing Serious Illness and Even Death!

    I just heard today that someone from California and their spouse both became sick with flu-like symptoms after receiving their flu shots. I haven't taken them for years, and don't intend to.
  3. kind2creatures

    Compensation Paid to 80 Flu Vaccine Injuries and Deaths

    Government pays for vaccine damages...
  4. kind2creatures

    Flu Vaccine Not Effective for Elderly, Death Rates Increased

    Government study shows flu vaccine not effective in the elderly, and death rates increased.
  5. kind2creatures

    Reasons One Mother Won't Give Her Children the Nasal Flu Vaccine

    Six reasons why one mother won't give her children the nasal flu vaccine...
  6. kind2creatures

    Link MMR Vaccine and Autism

    Read about the link between the MMR vaccination and Autism...
  7. J

    HPV Vaccine going unused. I'd love to hear some of your comments on this, especially the paragraph that pooh-poohs safety concerns!
  8. kind2creatures

    The Uselessness of the Gardasil Vaccine

    How is was and is a scam, and to be one of the future's biggest scandals...
  9. kind2creatures

    Utah Health Official Bans GARDASIL Vaccine

    Good to hear that more people are opening their eyes about the Gardasil vaccine... Full Story:
  10. kind2creatures

    Lawsuit - Gardasil Vaccine Caused Multiple Sclerosis

    The lawsuit, filed on Friday in Bobigny outside Paris, says Sanofi and health regulators violated “obvious safety obligations and breached the principles of precaution and prevention.” The plaintiff’s lawyer, Jean-Christophe Coubris, who is based in Bordeaux, said his now 18-year-old client...
  11. Mad Scientest

    Gardasil shots & side effects

    Below are some articles on the joys of getting the HPV vaccine to prevent cervical cancer in girls and boys. These were directed to the Australian government but obviously they are not the only ones promoting this garbage. In today Sunday’s paper I found a full page ad telling us to rush right...
  12. T

    Tuberculosis test & vaccine refusal

    Today I finally got a call back from a job I have been chasing for over a year for a physical. I should be happy, but I am not. Instead I am terrified and anxious. I called their health department and found out I would have to take a Montaux test for Tuberculosis. Now unlike most people I have...
  13. kind2creatures

    Genetically Engineered Flu Vaccine Now on Market

    Latest flu vaccine antics...
  14. kind2creatures

    Whooping Cough Vaccine

    Some insight on vaccines...
  15. kind2creatures

    Pregnant? Avoid Hepatitis B Vaccine for Newborn

    Some information about Hep B vaccines give to newborns in hospitals...
  16. kind2creatures

    Heart Attack Vaccine, Or New Frankendrug?

    Here's a possible future vaccine to avoid heart attacks (fat in the arteries)...
  17. tuina

    Vaccine evidence

    I posted elsewhere that my sister is partway through the process of allowing the medical industry to inject her baby son - my nephew - with a barrage of vaccinations. It would be very helpful for me to find some resources on vaccines that she might actually read. A lot of the anti-vaccine sites...
  18. kind2creatures

    New Fluzone High Dose Vaccine for Seniors-Dangerous

    Here's an article that discusses a new flu vaccine for seniors that is higher dose, ineffective and dangerous. Also other interesting info on...
  19. kind2creatures

    Gardasil Vaccine Dangers, etc.

    Dr. Len Horowitz was on George Noory's show last night for the first hour talking about the dangers of Gardasil for young girls and referring to this news report. He was also promoting a couple of products on this site...
  20. kind2creatures

    Swine Flu Vaccine (Narcolepsy/Autism)

    More about the harm from swine flu vaccinations...