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    Cause of Repeated Miscarriage?

    I don't have a doctor and really can't afford one right now anyway. I've been researching and not finding much, but hoping someone can give me more leads, or I can figure out what specific tests I need and save up for them! If someone can give me a place to start at least... Pregnancy #1 I had...
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    Applying progesterone cream?

    I have a question with regards to how to apply Progesterone cream. Was wondering if anyone could help. I have a tube of progesterone cream which I have been applying but I'm not sure how much to apply. I have been squeezing out a blob about the size of 3 or 4 match stick heads onto my wrist...
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    I recently bought some Progesterone on the internet which I believed is a controlled substance here in Australia. It's made from Soy. Can anyone tell me if these creams are the genuine product. I didn't think you could buy progesterone cream like this and always needed a prescription. Are...
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    Natural ways to stop bleeding from Depo Provera shot?

    I recently got my first shot of Depo Provera on April 29, 2013 to help my Endometriosis pain. On May 16th I started breakthrough bleeding after a trans vaginal ultra sound. It has since increased to heavy bleeding with clots and today is day 20. Is there a natural way to stop the bleeding...
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    Increasing Estrogen Naturally in Pre-Menopausal Women

    Hi all-- I have a small dilemma that has quickly developed into a fascination of mine; perhaps my interest will shed light on some information that will help women in similar situations. In late April, I chose to take "Plan B," an emergency contraceptive which consists of 1.5 mg levonorgestrel...
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    Why do I feel amazing when I have my period?

    Hi, Unlike what other women describe I feel amazing when I have my period. Starting the day before blood flow until a day before it ends. I have mental clarity, confidence, ambition, presence, zest for life, just total solidity, strength and focus. Why don't I feel this way all the time? What is...