Increasing Estrogen Naturally in Pre-Menopausal Women


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Jun 20, 2012
Hi all--
I have a small dilemma that has quickly developed into a fascination of mine; perhaps my interest will shed light on some information that will help women in similar situations. In late April, I chose to take "Plan B," an emergency contraceptive which consists of 1.5 mg levonorgestrel, a synthetic progesterone. I have never been on ANY hormones nor have I ever wanted to, so I was very upset at having to do this, but it was the responsible choice (following an irresponsible one.)

After taking it, my breasts got very hard and sore-- my nipples were rock hard for weeks and ached to the touch. About 2 weeks later, I noticed that my breasts had shrunk an entire cup size and were very saggy looking-- similar to women's descriptions of post-pregnancy/post-breastfeeding breasts (technical term is "breast involution," I guess.) I also have vaginal dryness and no libido. Using my knowledge of alt. medicine, I assume I've developed an estrogen deficiency in response to the high levels of synthetic progestin I exposed myself to :( , or, if not a severe deficiency that demands treatment, a very irritating drop in estrogen levels.

Has anyone gone through this? I'm luckily menstruating fine and don't have any other side effects, but this medication is relatively new (within last 15 yrs), so I'm skeptical of the "FDA approved" side effects that are listed on the box or that a basic google search yields.

On the other hand, I do think its good this medication is available to girls who need it and aren't able to access herbs etc. for women's health (i use herbs to maintain/regulate my cycle etc; wild yam etc)

So I guess, to those women who've used this medication before, what were your side effects if any? The breasts are especially irritating to me-- they sag and don't fit my bras anymore. :yuck: Could be worse, though; at least I'm otherwise happy and healthy :)



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Oct 16, 2007
Soy products raise your estrogen levels...

But how long has this been going on? Seems to be a rather extreme reaction to this pill. Were you advised that something like this could happen?

I would find a doctor who does bio-identical hormone replacement and have them check your hormonal levels. Someone who does bio-identical replacement will have the best grasp of what could potentially be happening. Do not take hormones from a conventional source. Your hormones, if you should need them must be compounded especially for you. I am concerned that it has been two months and things dont seem right. Sounds like that pill really knocked you out of whack and ALL artificial female hormones will, some worse than others.