1. A

    How to fight a gum infection?

    My wisdom teeth are coming in and a bit of my gum tore open and now I have a little white and red sore on my gums. I really don't want it to get to the point where I have to go to my dentist and get antibiotics because I get really bad side effects with them. And I am just about to go on a...
  2. F

    Treating a Kidney Infection

    I have a friend who has been a heavy drinker and drug abuser for 20+ years. He has been off all drugs and alcohol excluding cigarettes and tobacco for seven weeks now. Tuesday night, he told us that he was hurting badly and when we looked into it, we are thinking that it is a kidney infection...
  3. L

    Please Help Infected Wound Spreading

    I had cut my knee about 10 days ago in Mexico while on vacation. I noticed it bothering me the other day and now I can see my leg is swollen and there is redness all over. I had a fever yesterday and achy muscles, but this morning it seemed to subside. My leg doesn't seem to be getting better...
  4. revzen

    Ear Weeping

    Hi Gang, Since having my ears syringed a fortnight ago my left ear has been weeping, and too painful to sleep on; but when I have inadvertently do sleep on my left side the ear weeps! Last night my ear was throbbing and pulsing! Also the ear is very itchy! I have made an appointment to see the...
  5. E

    Serious blood infection - antibiotics not working, please help!

    Please help! my dad, who is in a wheelchair, has a serious blood infection that started in his bladder. He has been treated in the hospital on antibiotics for two days now, and the antibiotics are not working. The infection is resisting the drugs and his fever is getting higher. Anyone know of a...
  6. J

    Dog's Ear Problem

    I have a small dog that has a chronic ear problem. Actually it’s in both ears, tho one seems worse than the other. The worse ear has a discharge of a gray-colored , snotty substance. I call it “pus”, but am not sure that it is. It builds up deep down in the ear canal and works it’s way up...
  7. B

    11 week infection (ear), requesting advise please

    Greetings! Long story short: I've had a persistent infection in my left Eustachian tube/ear area for 11 weeks now. It started with just fluid behind the ear and the usually symptomology of fluid in the middle ear and tube. Went to three Drs, including my homeopath and I still haven't gotten...
  8. kind2creatures

    Licorice Root for Oral Infections and Gum Disease

    Licorice Root for oral infections/gum disease...
  9. kind2creatures

    Gargling with Tea for Health (Respiratory Infections, Flu)

    Benefits of gargling with tea for upper respiratory health, fever and flu...
  10. M

    Sodium Citrate for UTI

    I just had very good results taking sodium citrate powder mixed with water to treat a bladder infection - thing is, I bought it in the UK and it was a house brand from a pharmacy - Is there a brand in the USA? Or is it sold in just as Sodium Citrate? I hope not to need it again, but just in...
  11. C

    possible eye infection

    While on the city bus 2 hours ago, I rubbed my eye. It immediately became red and watery. Should I wait to see if it gets better or should I go to a Dr. quick?
  12. Ted_Hutchinson

    "Vitamin D and Diseases of Aging" by Richard Jacobson

    "Vitamin D and Diseases of Aging" by Richard Jacobson Quite a useful summary of the Vitamin D research. Still watching as I post so not sure if I agree with it all as yet but so far he's spot on. First niggle is he says D2 is only available on prescription. That's misleading because some over...
  13. kind2creatures

    Lavender Essential Oil for Fungal Infections

    More about Lavender...
  14. L

    Low Blood Sugar Increases Infection Risk

    I found this on the Mercola website. I will post the link below. It is a study that a Dr. did in the 50's about the link between low blood sugar and polio infection. He also points out the fact that low blood sugar may also increase the risk of other infections. Reading this study now, it...
  15. L

    5 Yr Old Has Itchy, Red Eyes

    Well, his eyeballs themselves are not that red, just the skin around his eyes. He gets bad allergies this time of year (when the tree pollen in our area starts). Last year we thought it might be redeye, but the doctor said no. Just allergies. His eyes get really really itchy and they get red...
  16. B

    Sinus Infection Tied to Sugar Intake

    I seem to be more susceptible to sinus infections than most people, but I am especially vulnerable when I increase my sugar intake. During the holidays, I find sweets irresistible. The air is a lot drier in colder weather, and that accounts for some of the susceptibility, but I detected a...
  17. A


    Hi Since I'm taking mms I can't use the "garlic-horseraddish-Vit C" tabs and since they don't sell it anymore without VitC. I used to use them twice a day to control the phlegm in my lungs, you know that horrible loud clacky cough of coughing up phlegm. What else can I use to stop this...
  18. X

    Pleaseee Help :( (kidney infection pain)

    I was hospitalized two nights ago for a kidney infection. I am currently taking Cipro 500mg twice a day and I'm prescribed Percocet for pain. I have not been able to take to Percocet due to nausea that occurs regardless if I take it or not, but worsens immensely if I do take it. I need something...
  19. L

    Toddler's Ear Turns Red and Hot

    I have a 4 yr old boy who's ear sometimes turns pretty red and gets a little hot. Hot enough where it bothers him and he likes to put a little ice pack on it. Right now only one of his ears turns red. Although sometimes when he gets real tired both turn red. Anyone know what causes this?
  20. kind2creatures

    Facts on Natural Yeast Infection Cures

    The Facts on Natural Yeast Infection Cures Grab a yogurt, eat some extra garlic, or put tea tree oil in your vagina? Most of these natural yeast infection "cures" don't have the blessing of science. By Marijke Vroomen-Durning, RN Medically reviewed by Cynthia Haines, MD Vaginal yeast...