1. kind2creatures

    How Rosemary Herb Stimulates the Brain and Helps With Memory/Cognition

    Learn about how the herb Rosemary can help with cognitive function and stimulate the brain... More about Rosemary:
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    Turmeric (Curcumin) Can Help Brain Destruction Caused by Fluoride

    The spice Turmeric (Curcumin) may help the brain with deterioration caused by Fluoride...
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    Turmeric Helps Prevent Dementia

    The value of using Turmeric (Curcumin) for prevention of dementia in the aging brain. I have been adding a spoonful of Turmeric to my morning Chlorella daily.
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    B Vitamins Reduce Grey Matter Loss and Slow Progression of Alzheimer's Disease

    B vitamins are shown to reduce the loss of grey matter and slow the progression of Alzheimer's Disease/dementia...
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    A Good Night's Sleep Helps Flush Toxins Out of the Brain

    Information about how a good night's sleep actually helps flush toxins out of the brain...
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    Marijuana Cannabinoids for Dementia and Brain Health

    One of the latest discoveries concerning cannabinoids involves their ability to act as antioxidants in the brain. Researchers from Germany found that the brain's cannabinoid system is fully capable of not only cleansing damaged brain cells from the brain, but also triggering the production of...
  7. saved1986

    Omega 3 fatty acids

    On CNN right now: some type of brain damage was reversed in a case of someone taking large doses of fish oil.
  8. Arrowwind09

    Taking Psychiatric Meds? Better Watch This!

    Dr Mercola interviews one of the leading psychiatrists who has determined the cure for brain dysfunction regardless of the cause, either from diet, toxic poisoning like arsenic, physical brain injury, drug use...
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    Lead in Body Can Reduce Your IQ

    This article tells that every 17 micrograms of lead in your body reduces your IQ by 10 points, detoxification is recommended...
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    Improve Memory Loss with Natural Alternatives

    Some suggestions for preventing and improving memory loss...
  12. J

    Stop brain injury caused by Parkinson's and Alzheimer's

    From Dr. Robert J. Rowen's "Second Opinion" e-newsletter 2/10/2012 As you may know, brain diseases like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's grow progressively worse over time. The reason is due to ongoing brain injury. These diseases literally destroy your brain. But new research suggests a potent...
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    Nicotine Improves Memory in Elderly (Alzheimer's)

    Article about the use of nicotine in the treatment of memory loss in the elderly...
  14. J

    Neti Pot Danger?

    Neti pots linked to brain-eating amoeba deaths By Natalie Wolchover LiveScience Louisiana's state health department has issued a warning about the dangers of improperly using nasal-irrigation devices called neti pots, responding to two recent deaths in the state that are thought to have...
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    Magnesium for Anxiety and Memory

    I'm currently taking 170mg of magnesium citrate, in addition to the 15mg in my daily multi. Considering the benefits to memory, etc. I'll probably start taking 2 caps, maybe every other day. Also using the magnesium oil for muscle tension. More about...
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    Apples for Brain Health (Memory/Alzheimer's)

    We've been enjoying some tasty Braeburn apples lately. Here's some more good reasons to eat/drink these healthy fruits... More about Apple Fruit:
  17. M

    The Msg process

    I really need some help clearing this up. Everything I read is so vague, receptor on tongue stimulated, sends neurotransmitter to brain, brain gets excited etc. Can anyone be more specific eg does it send "more" neurotransmitters, what are they called in the case glutamic acid, how do they get...
  18. liverock

    Can Cat Parasite Cause Brain Tumours?

    Here’s something cat-lovers never expected from their feline friends... Researchers have linked a parasite that breeds in cats’ stomachs with brain tumours in people. Speaking about the parasite Toxoplasma gondii (T. Gondii), which can only breed inside the guts of cats, lead research...
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    Boost Child's IQ with Natural Nutrition & Lifestyle (opinion)

    The United States has an epidemic of childhood neurodevelopmental disease such as autism, ADHD, Asperger's and mental retardation. Much of this is due to the influence of industrial chemicals, processed foods, birth and childhood spinal trauma, & sedentary behavior. A natural diet and innate...
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    A short article about the benefits of Lecithin from both food and supplement sources.