1. N

    acid reflux, silent reflux (LPR) + conflicting info online

    Hi folks, I am struggling to try to find out all I can about acid reflux, silent reflux (lpr) and am lined up for an Endoscopy by a General Surgeon. I still want to find out all I can on my own, but I am pulling out my hair by reading articles online, and finding such conflicting...
  2. B

    Protein, Calcium and Alkalinity

    Hello everyone, I have here my latest blog entry on the myths of protein, calcium and the importance of alkalinity Here is the link to the blog Comment if you wish and enjoy!
  3. K


    The secret healing powers of lemons
  4. S

    Whats better then water? Need a drink during the day!

    So ive been reading a lot about nutrition/water needs etc.. we all hear this hype about how were all super dehydrated, need to be drinking water all day long etc.. but from what ive read thats not entirely true.. infact drinking too much water is very bad.. it dilutes your whole system.. the...
  5. Arrowwind09

    Candida - Seeking the Cure

    Well finally, my candida issue is hitting like a mack truck... I have had minor issues since around the age of 17 or 18...and the idiot doc at that time gave me two whopping syringes of pennicillin! After that,, thats when my distrust of doctors started... anyway, I have always been able to...