Protein, Calcium and Alkalinity


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Dec 3, 2007
Texas, USA
You need to recheck your research on alkalinity.

You say, "Without alkaline foods in our diet, we would die of mineral deficiencies. Maybe eskimos can pull it off but only for so long." Not so. There are a few reasons that the body causes the stomach to produce acid. It is so that the food will be processed to be made bio-available to the body. Minerals will not function without the use of acid. Not alkalinity.

You say, "Although your body will balance it’s PH levels on it’s own regardless of what you eat..." You are correct about that. And you are also right about eating more vegetables and less acidic foods, or at least keep them in balance. As we age especially after 40, our stomach does not produce enough acid and the body does not produce enough enzymes. This leads to poor digestion. Without acid, the food just ferments and causes gas, bloating and other problems. Vegetables tend to bring in their own enzymes.

Do not be afraid of acid. Amino acids, being protein, are acids after all.


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Nov 29, 2013
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Be fore you tell us to be like the animals you listed think for one minuet these animals have four stomachs because it is impossible for them to digest their food with one in fact ruminant start digesting food in the first stomach and then it moves to the second and the digestion is done by enzymes. In the third stomach another function starts and that the enzymes stop and microscopic animals take over the digestion and in the four stomach it is all microscopic animal digestion and the animal lives of the microscopic animals so a cow is in reality not vegetarian but a meat eater.