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  1. lightinthefray

    Make Sure It's Not Iodine Deficiency

    So, life stinks sometimes - especially when someone tells you, "Maybe you need iodine," and you shrug it off thinking, "Nah, that can't possibly be it!" For the last 2-3 years, I've been having issues with many things: dreadful fatigue, cold hands/feet, dry/flaky skin, brittle nails, memory...
  2. lightinthefray

    Best Remedies for Type 2 Diabetes?

    My husband was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes a couple years ago and he's been struggling a lot. He's of course taking pharmaceuticals to attempt to keep the blood sugar down, but lately they haven't been working. He's afraid that the doctor is only going to want to prescribe insulin injections...
  3. lightinthefray

    Best CBD Oil?

    I have been looking into CBD oil and wanted to know of brands that were great quality and worked. I have heard great stuff about Charlotte's Web and Medterra. Is there anything I should know before taking CBD? Currently researching what I can.
  4. lightinthefray

    COVID Natural Remedies?

    So, I have COVID and it stinks like...majorly. It was worse than I imagined it would be. On Monday night I fell and hit the kitchen floor pretty hard before having a seizure. My husband carried me back to my bed and I wasn't responding to him so he called my parents. They came over and my dad...
  5. lightinthefray

    This is So Frustrating

    I hate trying to get in to see a doctor these days. I search and search and search and think I find a good one, then I go in, and they're like rude or they don't listen at all. Does anyone else have this happen to them a lot? I would like to get into a doctor soon with my issues, but I was with...
  6. lightinthefray

    Liver/Gallbladder Issues?

    I'm concerned about myself in this regard. I have a doctor's appointment, but the soonest I can get in is like a month away. I'm not looking forward to it :( Anyway, for some that have seen my posts around, I did take medications for quite a few years for epilepsy/seizure. When I was 14, I...
  7. lightinthefray

    What do you do...?

    When you feel like you're doing everything naturally, but still losing with your health? I think I've finally found the right supplements and such to get better after taking prescription medications for years. I hope that I'll continue getting better. I'm worried about my husband, though, who...
  8. lightinthefray

    Feeling Awful...

    So, I ended up getting a first bicuspid/premolar extracted today. My heart is so broken over having periodontal disease and it getting this bad. I feel so guilty and sad...I keep thinking, "What could I have done better?" Getting into a dentist during this pandemic was so difficult and now that...
  9. lightinthefray

    Brand new to the forums

    Hey all, I've been interesting in natural remedies for many years, but more so used them as I became an adult. Can't wait to check out the different forums!