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Feeling Awful...

Oct 1, 2020
So, I ended up getting a first bicuspid/premolar extracted today. My heart is so broken over having periodontal disease and it getting this bad. I feel so guilty and sad...I keep thinking, "What could I have done better?" Getting into a dentist during this pandemic was so difficult and now that I can get in, things are an "emergency". Signing that tooth extraction paper felt like one of the most difficult things I've done. I felt like it might have been a better option than a root canal (plus, I couldn't afford it) and keeping a diseased tooth in my mouth that might eventually need an extraction anyway. Currently trying to stop the bleeding and hoping the tannins in the tea bag I have on it will help. I know I'm going to be so self-conscious about my smile now. I feel like I'm too young to be losing teeth like that.

What else can I do right now? I assume that I'm going to have some bone loss because of the tooth being pulled and periodontal disease. What are some ways that I can strengthen the bone? Is there a way to help it heal/grow back? I've been looking into doing some eggshell calcium to take since I have access to good, farm fresh eggs. I have been using my magnesium spray again twice a day - I feel terrible about having forgotten to do that because it helped my joints greatly. Lately it got hard to oil pull because my tooth (that I got extracted) was chipping. I have been using fermented cod liver oil/butter oil blend, but maybe it was good help too late or I wasn't taking enough for my mouth issues (worried about A & D overdose). I am also looking into the HealTHY Mouth Blend from Orawellness as I have heard good things about that.

Does anyone know of more natural options for a replacement tooth that don't have much risk? I know, sounds like a too-good-to-be-true thing. I am worried because of bone loss and such that an implant option may not work for me, nor am I sure I want to afford it. If I did do it, I would like a nonmetal option like ceramic. I am also scared of the procedure itself. I don't think a bridge would be great as they often need to shave down the other teeth to fit one in. The only things I've seen that could work for now (maybe) are Temp Tooth (plastics, though).

-sigh- 30's going onto 70's...I'm so discouraged.