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    adrenal supplements - how do you know if you need them?

    My sister asked this question and I thought I'd ask your opinion She wants to know, how you know if you need adrenal support? and, if you take supplements for your adrenal glands and you don't need them, will it harm you? My sister & husband are under a lot of stress - they bought a property...
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    Poison Ivy rash

    I've got patches of poison ivy on my arm from wrist to elbow and its ITCHY!! Would a cloth soaked in Epsom salt water and wrapped around my arm, help dry the rash up? I know if I saw a doctor, he'd put me on steriods. I'd like to try home remedies first. Any suggestions? I'm using an aloe...
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    toenail fungus?

    My son, almost 2, had thrush as a baby. It was a bad case, going completely through him, even to the extent he lost the toe nail on his big toe, on the left foot. The toe nail has been thick and stands up ever since as it grew back. What can I do to "fix" it? The other big toe nail had also...
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    Adrenal burnout

    We think my husbands health problems may be a result of adrenal burnout. I've been reading and researching and we've come to this conclusion. IF we were to go see a mainstream medical doctor, what would he do? How would he diagnose, test or treat it? (we will go natural, not medical, but for...
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    yeast infection

    any suggestions on what to do for a yeast infection besides OTC creams and suppositories?
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    How do I gain 5 lbs?

    How do I gain 5 - 10 lbs. in a sensible way?