Adrenal burnout


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Apr 11, 2006
We think my husbands health problems may be a result of adrenal burnout. I've been reading and researching and we've come to this conclusion. IF we were to go see a mainstream medical doctor, what would he do? How would he diagnose, test or treat it?
(we will go natural, not medical, but for the sake of our medical minded families, we may go see a doctor, just so we can say we saw one!) I'd just like a bit of an idea what he might throw at us.

What are the supplements, foods, etc that will help to build up his adrenal glands again. We have already done the stress reduction and he is eating a good diet.


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Apr 4, 2006
Sharon, I suspect that the phrase "adrenal burnout" does not exist in a medical textbook, so a medical doc won't understand what you mean. He will listen to symptoms and do tests related to those. Fatigue? Blood tests for anaemia, thyroid. Maybe a heart check.
Depression? Antidepressants!

It would be good to get some standard checks done in any case, just to rule out organic disease. I expect you will fare better with natural therapies.


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Apr 11, 2006
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We are seeing an ND for real help. We haven't told either of our families that he's seeing an ND or they will think we've lost it completely! But we know true healing comes from within with the right support and nutrition.

We would go to the MD just so we can say he saw a doctor. Are there any particular things we should ask for in a blood test? BTW, the last blood test he had a couple years ago, everything was in the normal range. It was a test from Omega Labs, where we can get several basic tests without a doctors orders. We got the best one we could. We'd need doctors orders for the more specific, expensive tests.

We do have a circle of wonderful, supportive friends in the natural health and healing world. Our own circle of friends we grew up with are all medical as well as our families. They are not openly critical of us, but we know what they think, because we've been there ourselves! We thought the same things until the medical failed us and we began our search for natural healing.

Never fear! I will NOT fill any prescriptions for antidepressants! Been there, done that, and I've learned my lesson!

My husband will say his biggest complaint is headache. The others will be lightheaded spells, (hypoglycemia) anxiety, (hypoglycemia related) and tiredness. He isn't depressed. He's sick-n-tired of being sick-n-tired but doesn't feel hopeless, helpless, worthless. His Dad and brother both had a bout with depression.


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Apr 17, 2005

these are some notes I took at Dr Shallenbergers Class on Ozone therapy. He's an MD, a homeopath, and an expert on anti aging and the oxaditve therapies.

When you have an adrenal insufficiency you have a cortisol insufficiency.

A 24 hour urine collection is required for this test and special supplies may be required from the Lab.
Cortisol levels should be between 8 - 10

If it is decided that cortisol treatment is required always check the ACTH after a while. ACTH should not change.

If free T4 is low give iodine.
If free T4 is elevated do not give iodine.

Always treat adreanals first before treating thryroid as thryoid may change with cortisol treatment.

Dr Shallenberger would likely also say that there is an issue with toxicity and the krebs cycle may need a boost, especially if there is an issue with excess body fat. Ozone therapy will boost the krebs cycle and EWOT also. To boost the krebs you have to make sure that all necessarly nutrients are available, the glucose is low and oxygen is high.

Just breathing may not be good enough for those who a have lived a stressed and slouched lifestyle. Exercise is good, breathing exercises also.
Yogic breathing exercises as found in Kundaline yoga are excellent.

I don't know all that he would recommend but he has many of his patients on niacin to support krebs cycle function along with an oxygen therapy. Ozone therapy to attack any specific disease and detoxify, EWOT to generally hyperoxygenate the system.

He says that excess carbs in the diet distroy oxidation process in the cell. Fats should be running the cellular metabolism not glucose that is derived either from eating sugar or carbs.

L-Carnitine and R-Lipoic acid will help support and increase mitocondrial function in the krebs cycle.

Now there may be a way to reengergize the adrenals without taking cortisol I don't know. I would look at glandular supplements. Guess it just depends on how burnt out it is. Perhaps glandulars should be tried first and then if the desired effect is not attained then cortisol tried. Burnt out adrenals is not to be ignored.

I think that term is often used loosely. Stressed adrenals is probably better. A gland that is truly burned out can not be regenerated in which case cortisol is definately indicated.

Jack Pine Savage

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Apr 10, 2006
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Sharon said:
We are seeing an ND for real help.
My husband will say his biggest complaint is headache.
The others will be lightheaded spells, (hypoglycemia) anxiety,
(hypoglycemia related) and tiredness. He isn't depressed.
He's sick-n-tired of being sick-n-tired but doesn't feel hopeless,
helpless, worthless.
His Dad and brother both had a bout with depression.
Just a thought. Has your hubby ever been tested for candida?

I struggle with this problem constantly and can speak with some
authority as to the fact that many can have the symptoms he has.

The suggestion to follow the thyroid possibility is great, but you
might want to also look at candida as a contributor to his feeling
lousy and "out of gas"

Have him take the candida test. First thing in the morning, upon
waking, before putting anything in his mouth, draw a glass of
water and spit into it.

Check it after about 30 minutes. If it has long strings or small
particles suspended in the water, he has candida.

Check the net on candida. You'll find many sites for dealing with
the problem. I use a company called Flora-Balance,

but there are many more on the net to choose from.

just me

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Apr 9, 2006
im lost, have no idea
Sharon, I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue last year by my naturopath. Since I couldnt afford his visits, and the vitamins, I have been sort of just putting it off and trying to improve diet and exercise and do the little things that I have found on the net that is suppose to help.... Recently someone suggested a book called "Adrenal Fatigue-- the 21st century stress syndrome" by James L. Wilson (ND,DC,PHD) I have read the first sixty pages, and according to him, doctors wont diagnos it unless it is Addisons disease.....?? I dont know. But they have a big section with questions to figure out exactly what is what... They also have a section that tells which test should be done, and a part that tells about diet and supplements and so on..... I think this is going to be a very informative book, and would highly recommend it even before I finish reading it...... I found mine on ebay for about ten dollars with shipping. Hope this helps.


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Apr 11, 2006
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The ND we saw last week, started him on Standard Process supplements and a concoction of liquid stuff. Licorice, cramp bark, Korean ginseng, ginko, and eleuthero(sp?) He's supposed to go back in 6 weeks for a check-up again. I sure hope this is the answer to his problems.

Just me, that book sounds very interesting - I'll look for it too.

Jack Pine, earlier he had a stool culture done that showed candida - he went through a treatment for it and has been using probiotics regularly. He never had recognizable symptoms of the candida.

Arrowwind, stressed adrenals is a much better term - I must remember that. This ND did a urine and saliva test. He said my husbands terrain is good. So that meant the base is good, he just needs a few things to help get the adrenals back on track again. He told us the since it appears that the supplementation my husband was already using is doing its job, he will not change anything on that.

The ND told us the hypoglycemia could be stemming from the low adrenal function. My hubby is delighted to hear that!

The ND told us how nice it is to work with someone who understands natural healing and doesn't expect a quick fix. It was so nice for us to talk with someone who spoke our language instead of looking at us like we are weird!


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Apr 10, 2006
Northern Ky.

Sharon - My copy of "Adrenal Fatigue" book
came from one of the on-line book sites, either
Alibus or Amazon. It's worth getting.

One symptom which I associated heavily with, was,
"Do you crave salty or sweet snacks?" I craved
salty ones. Some of the other symptoms you've
mentioned are there too.

Good luck!!! :)