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    Eating 5 or 6 times a day

    I'm 68, and have been sickly for a couple of months. I notice that when I go a couple of hours between meals I feel bad and then when I eat something I feel better. I suffer from depression and eating is a major chore for me so instead of trying to make my 3 meals which I'm incapable of doing...
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    When to eat?

    I ask the Internet about "Should I eat before bed" and I get 90% ads and 10% data which doesn't answer my question. So does anyone know how many hours before bed you should have dinner and should you eat before bedtime? How many times should you eat during the day?
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    I just got over an 18 day chest cold so I figure I should get some zinc. I'm 67 and I haven't been taking my multi Vit. regularly. My multi Vit. has 11mg of zinc and a so called 73% daily requirement so tomorrow I'm going to the store and get 30mg tables for zinc and take half each day. I can't...
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    Prune juice or Prunes?

    How long can you keep Prune juice in the refrigerator? I notice that after a couple of weeks that the prune juice has been in the refrigerator I drink some and I have diarrhea. So should I freeze it? Take out a half dozen prunes in the morning and blend them with water so I can keep regular. I’m...
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    Prune juice and coffee?

    I have a bad hemorrhoid I develop a couple of days ago. So now I'm not sure if it's the hemorrhoid or my prostate, maybe both so I know drinking coffee can irritate the prostate so I figure to quite coffee until the hemorrhoid goes away. Coffee helps me have a bowl movement in the morning. So I...
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    Coffee and a heavy heart beat

    A year ago I had a heart monitor test which came out OK. Over the last couple of months my heart has a heavy beat more so in the morning before I drink coffee. I have found out that doctors know a lot less than you do, about what ails you. All doctors I go to just don't know how to help me. I'm...
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    8 Days ago I had a blood test and I have Cholesterol total 243 and Triglycerides of 491. She said she would call me if there was anything wrong. I am getting another doctor because Triglycerides of 491 is very wrong. I'm 67 years old and I think I will eat frozen veggie plane and oatmeal in the...
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    vitamins and the stomach

    I'm 67 and have been taking about a dozen supplement pills every day for about 40 years and my stomach has been (Not Good) for about 7 years. I think I'm taking too many pills? If I eat well I'm wondering if I can just take 1 Vitamin pill each day and let it go at that and maybe my stomach might...
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    Artificial sweeteners and bloating?

    I have had bloating problems for over 5 years and there isn't any one food I can see doing it. To much Raw Veggie will sure cause bloating so I figure that Artificial sweeteners could be part of the problem. I'm borderline diabetic so I shouldn't eat honey and sugar stuff so I'm wondering that...
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    I have to watch out for diabetes

    I had a sugar test where you drink some liquid sugar stuff and they test you for 2 hours and my doctor said I need to watch what I eat so not to become a diabetic. Lower my carbohydrates. Don’t eat potatoes, rice, bread, and pasta which I eat too much of. So would a red potato, brown rice, wheat...
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    Apple Juice

    I’m 65 and I get constipated easier now than when I was young so in the morning I drink 12 oz. of warn apple juice but I believe that apple juice from the supermarket is loaded with sugars which I don’t need. So I was thinking of putting 4 oz. apple juice, 4 oz. of warn water, one peel and cord...
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    I have been disabled for 7 years and I have went to the VA hospital for all my medical because if I had to pay for all the treatments I received form the VA you’re looking at maybe a half million dollars and I only had one operation. I have Part A for Medicare but never used it. I applied for...
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    Do they have a "all" everything

    I reach in the cupboard and get 12 bottles of vitamins and some people reach in the cupboard and get 20 bottles of herbs. Then when I take my 12+ pills I get an upset stomach. People say to take this and that and if I took all that was recommended I would not have room for meals. I feel you need...
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    I become bloated every couple of months for a 1 to 4 months and this has been going on for several years and I have had all the test which shows nothing and I am a depressant. So if I'm bloated why put food into the stomach but sometime it actually helps. Anyway I started being bloated again a...
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    Juice Fast

    My stomach has been nauseated for many years for about 75% of the time. No matter what I eat I’m nauseated with a bloated stomach. In the morning is my best time when my stomach is empty. It seem the less I eat the better my stomach is. I’m seeing a doctor about this and I have tried juice fast...