We need a revolution.


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And I think a fifth would be Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF). WiFi being within that boundary, but I'm just not giving up WiFi. We'll just have to evolve.
The next challenge will be the new telecom fifth generation standard, 5G. People are excited about it, but "not in my backyard". This will be an interesting battle, but money will win. Telecom companies have money.


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Just to clarify, my original intent of starting this thread was not to start a cataclysm, but to say that we need to revolutionize healthcare for the better.


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I agree mainstream healthcare is awful. Doctors are not taught nutrition or are using outdated information from the 60s that has since been debunked. When I had back problems -- excrutiating pain 24-7 my doctor prescribed an opiod. I tried it once and it made me very nauseous and dizzy so I stopped taking it. My doctor insisted it was the only solution. That's when I tried alternative medicine. A change in diet to eliminate inflammatory foods like grains, and exercise helped so much within a year my pain was gone. If I had listened to my doctor I might be another opiod addict.