Merck Scientists Admits SV40 and HIV in Vaccines


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Aug 8, 2009
AIDS incident maps in Africa show the origin could not have been there, if it was the incident maps would look like a dart board with high rates towards the center and lower rates radiating out. AIDS in africa looks lack a scatter plot meaning someone introduced it by a different vector (vaccines?)


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Sep 5, 2011
There is definitely conspiracys taking place involving the government and secret societies. I've seen them. I was on a job once where everyone was given "free" flu vaccines. Almost immediately, everyone began feeling tired and unproductive. I then noticed myself sweating profusely (my body was probably trying to remove the toxins through sweating). I questioned it to management, and these shady people (Masons/Secret Societies) began threatening and harassing me on the job. I will never take another vaccine!